Via the stations and landlines, also for the managers, focus room to meet and welfare space: located in Adriano Olivetti Square, in the south of Milan, this is Nexxt, the new headquarter of By the first months of 2020, it will host about 1,400 people.

The name Nexxt was chosen, explains a note by Fastweb, › because it looks to the future with the double X › that refers to the next twenty years of development and innovation, and in

The double X also has a physical reason because it is linked to the two large X-shaped concrete structures that support the building and are visible from Adriano Olivetti Square.

The building has a total area of over 18,000 square meters and is located within the Symbiosis area, the project of the real estate company Covivio aimed at the transformation of the former industrial area adjacent to the Prada Foundation, between Via Gargano and Via Adam

The placement of Nexxt in one of the most innovative areas of Milan has therefore helped to initiate reflections on how to evolve towards increasingly smart and efficient work models.

Nexxt, building for smart working

Thanks to this approach, Nexxt’s spaces have been designed to allow the company to evolve from smart working, already active for several years, to the most complex philosophy of Working Smart, which means working agilely, identifying the

Nexxt is therefore a smart workplace where there are no fixed stations, but open sharing areas where all employees, including directors, can choose where and with whom to work by booking their own mobile station with the Agora app

On each floor you will find focus room to concentrate, phone booths for phone calls, numerous meeting rooms, break areas for informal meetings, as well as lounges, chaise longues and armchairs with modern and comfortable furnishings.

The welfare room and the changing rooms with showers also facilitate the sports activities that employees can take on lunch break, before or after work, thus enriching the opportunities of work-life balance.

Fixed phones have disappeared and tools have been introduced to ensure extensive use of video conferencing and to facilitate remote work through platform integration.

Smart building for sustainability

From the plant point of view, the new premises have elements of innovation and sustainability: the rooms are equipped with an intelligent lighting system that, thanks to special sensors, activates the lighting of the lights only to the detection of movement and the presence of people in the meeting rooms as well as

Fastweb, recalls the note, is a plastic free company and adheres to the campaign of the Ministry of the Environment #IoIoAmbiente against the use of disposable plastic.

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