Newton Mail’s app is back on track. Or rather, following the communication style of the development team of the app: it took off again for a renewed mission. With the goal, and the wish of the users who appreciate it, that the journey this time is long and profitable.

Newton is a popular multiplatform email management app.

It allows you to manage your email accounts on the most popular devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and Windows.

We are talking about a return because CloudMagic, the developer, had first launched the premium Newton Mail service. And then close it last summer.

Meanwhile, last December, Essential acquired CloudMagic. Yes, it is the Essential founded by Andy Rubin and producer of the Essential Phone. Instead of being the final act of the app, it seems to have marked its rebirth.

In announcing the return of the application, the CloudMagic team confirms that they have worked hard to bring Newton back to the scene. And it expresses a renewed conviction: the vision, the core team and the commitment to the email client remain unchanged.

Newton Mail’s Return

Newton Mail is back available for download and registration on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows devices. It’s about recording, because the model remains the premium one. The use of the app is free on all devices for 14 days. Then, to continue using Newton you need to subscribe to your subscription at a cost of $49.99 per year. The 14 days are therefore to be considered as a free trial to try the app.

The new launch required work on the backend and integration with the Essential team, CloudMagic stresses. However, developers have also made some small improvements in user experience. Finishes that, the team states, were long standing in the roadmap.

Details such as the ability to delete a single message from a thread. And the option is marked as unread from here. There are many improvements in the Mac Compose window, including the ability to resize. In addition, there is the possibility to add emails to OmniFocus, Things, 2doapp and Bear and other touch ups.

Of course, these are small innovations that are added to Newton’s nourished toolbox. Consolidated functions such as reading receipt, deferred sending, integration with the most popular productivity apps and much more.

More information about Newton is available on the application website at this link.

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