Newsstands are changing their skin and are oriented towards offering digital services to citizens. It is in Milan and Vigevano where in 250 newsstands, in addition to the purchase of newspapers or subscriptions, you can pay the recommended ones that are prepared on a special site.

Once received the recommended code they deliver it to the newsstand that concludes the operation: the recommended will arrive in paper form to the recipient, printed by a single center for all Italy and postalized according to the traditional channels.

The newsstand can also distribute gift cards of different brands and manufacturers that allow citizens to make purchases of goods of any kind: from clothing to books, from good fuels to Pay TV refills.

Digital backs

These initiatives are possible by implementing the model of the digital backs proposed by Arxit.

The company explains that there are two types of digital backs. The first are those that refer to the territory such as newsstands, exhibitors, petrol stations, and are made by a network of touch points that make new services available to consumers directly. Then there are those of enterprise type, like the dorsal Food, Wellness and Health in which the value of the enterprises is enhanced with the logic of the complementary offers.

The doi Arxit model provides for the establishment of a management company for each single backbone present in the territory: Arxit and other members from a specific sector are members. The sales processes are designed by Arxit for each company and are developed and implemented by the management company.

The processes designed by Arxit for companies are made operational by a digital infrastructure; in the case of the newsstands, it was realized by iNexti. The newsstands that form the backbone have free access to the infrastructure thus becoming touch points on the territory for the companies.

Circular economy for companies

For companies, the backs are enabling, modular and usable infrastructure according to the specific business needs, in pay per use mode. They allow companies to offer their offers directly to consumers in a dynamic way and to vary the type of offer according to their own responses. All this happens in a circular economy logic that optimizes actions, reducing waste and creating value.

For the company, the process of digitization becomes a commodity, easy to adopt and to use, gives the possibility to communicate and engage the consumer directly and allows to share the information collected on the field with the management in order to adapt promptly, in an appropriate way, the actions of The product or service reaches the consumer without any intermediates with all the value that the enterprise itself has been able to generate.

Arxit’s solution is based on Dx Marker, a technology that replaces the traditional QR code, with which companies have the opportunity to interact with customers, sharing dedicated multimedia content and offering the possibility to carry out directly operations as a pre-booker

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