Arthur D. Little (ADL) has been appointed by the European Space Agency (ESA) to carry out a series of studies of strategic importance for the European Union and identify the high potential services that will be provided by the next generation of SatCom infrastructure.

ADL will involve directly in the study a large panel of end users and leading industrial groups belonging to the sectors of transport, energy, infrastructure and media; in addition to the main stakeholders of the public sector (public security, civil protection), thus activating a collaborative process and constructive dialogue

ADL will be responsible for four studies in the collaboration with Esa, three of which are part of the 4S Strategic Programme Line (Space Systems for Safety and Security) within the Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES 4.0) and are supported

Safety application studies are applications to increase safety level in the transport industry (Safety of Future Transport); safeguarding essential services • Utility and Media (Safety of Essential Services)

Following an…Open Consulting approach, ADL will carry out part of these studies in collaboration with the Aerospace Technology District (DTA).

The fourth study concerns business applications (ARTES 4.0 Business Applications Feasibility Study) and is supported by the Norwegian Space Agency (NRS): The Port of the Future.

ADL will conduct the study in collaboration with Marlink and CLS.

In view of the growing importance of telecommunications networks for our society and the economic fabric, the purpose of the 4S programme is to support the development of a secure satellite communication system (SatCom) that can both improve the resilience of digital infrastructure in Europe

The increase in the frequency of catastrophic events and cyber attacks are making terrestrial communications networks increasingly vulnerable; integration with a new generation SatCom system with existing digital infrastructure will make these networks more resilient and secure.

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