Adobe MAX, the conference for creative professionals, this year is a virtual event but not less dense with news and interesting content: indeed, from its digital experience come numerous and important updates for the Creative Cloud and the

In addition to the novelties that inevitably capture the light of the spotlight, there are then, Adobe assures, hundreds of improvements in software and services.

Photoshop and Lightroom

Let’s start with one of the pillars of Creative Cloud, the king of photo editing: Photoshop. The new Discover panel helps in the moments of impasse in the application: it uses the Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence engine to advise the next steps based on where the user is in a project. It allows you to continue step by step through a tutorial that explains how to get what you are looking for or, in some cases, click on an automatic quick action that does all the work for us.

This is not the only contribution of artificial intelligence to the operation of the new Photoshop releases for desktop and iPad. In addition to the Discover panel, there are four more new features powered by Adobe Sensei.

The Neuroal Filter, Adobe explained, are part of a new machine learning platform that will evolve and improve over time and represent an important step forward in creativity based on artificial intelligence, the beginning of a complete re-imagination of filters and This first version comes with a series of filters, some of which are still in beta phase.

Photoshop’s new Sky Replacement function intelligently separates the sky from the foreground and allows you to create effect images with spectacular and dynamic skies in just a few clicks. Then, there are also two new improvements to Refine Edge Selections, also based on artificial intelligence, as well as many other innovations that improve daily productivity.

Creative people, Adobe points out, learn better by looking at how artists who value, observing what they do and how they do it. This type of live apprenticeship is now made possible in digital and large-scale mode, with the opportunity to perform (and follow) live stream from Photoshop, Illustrator and Fresco. Users can also discover thousands of live streams of creative professionals at work, on Behance.

Even for Lightroom, the professional l’app for digital editing, organization and sharing, Adobe will help users connect and learn from other photographers. You can follow the work of a photographer who admires you, see the changes you used to produce a professional quality image and even save such changes as presets to use for your shots.

New Creative Cloud

Productivity depends not only on individual instruments but on the whole workflow. Moreover, creativity itself, Adobe stresses, is no longer an individual activity but requires to work with other people, needs collaboration, and the pandemic has accelerated this trend.

As a result, Adobe is enhancing collaboration to make Creative Cloud a creative system that brings people and teams together, allowing them to share resources and inspiration, co-create seamless projects, easily collect feedback and support from the company. Creative Cloud’s creative system is built on the foundation of Creative Cloud Libraries and cloud documents.

Adobe has extended Creative Cloud Libraries beyond core applications to Adobe Spark, the easy-to-use app to create social posts, web pages and simple videos. This allows creative professionals to share resources with colleagues from across the company, such as the social media team, ensuring that everyone works with the same logos, components, colors and more.

In addition, Adobe XD Design Systems are now built on libraries, another step that makes it easier to work all team members with the same resources. And with the open APIs, you can now access the Creative Cloud Library resources in many of the other applications that are used to stay organized, such as Google Workspace, Visual Studio Code and Microsoft Teams.

Creativity on Adobe mobile

On the occasion of Adobe MAX, the company of San Jose launched the expected version of Illustrator for iPad, which the company defines as the most significant progress of Illustrator since 1987. With this launch, and the introduction of cloud documents on Illustrator, the illustration app becomes a flexible and versatile system: you can start a project on your desktop and then resume work on iPad seamlessly, from where it had been Illustrator on iPad is intuitive, efficient and also fun to use.

Adobe Fresco, the digital drawing and painting app already available on iPad and on numerous Windows devices, including Surface Pro Tablet and Wacom MobileStudio Pro, is now also available on iPhone. Fresh is a professional-level painting and drawing app that saves work in the cloud, so you can start a project on your smartphone and then take it back comfortably on your iPad. And with the work saved in a cloud document, you don’t risk losing your creations.

3D and immersive creativity

With the pandemic that makes photo services difficult or impossible in person, Adobe stresses, more and more professionals use 3D creativity tools to produce videos, catalog images or shots of products for the e-commerce. A new 3D design space in After Effects now makes work with 3D objects and scenes much easier and more intuitive.

Adobe Aero, the tool for creating interactive experiences of augmented reality, has also been extended from mobile platforms to a desktop application that has just been launched in public beta. Adobe is also regularly releasing new features and integrations in Adobe Dimension and the Substance line of materials and texture design applications that make 3D creation more powerful and efficient.

Content Authenticity Initiative

Adobe also offered an update on Content Authenticity Initiative, founded with partners such as Twitter and the New York Times. The aim of the initiative is to create an open platform that will track essential information on pieces of content such as images or videos, information such as who acquired them and where, and what changes were made to the content. This information will ensure that creative professionals receive the right credit for their work and will help people who view content to judge whether it is reliable.

Adobe announced that it will soon release the technology that enhances Content Authenticity Initiative as a private beta within Photoshop. You can view the information collected on images on and through a new application that will be launched on

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