Neeva announced the availability in the United States of its private and unadvertised search engine: by registering you receive three months free and then costs $4.95 per month.

Founded by two former Google, Sridhar Ramaswamy and Vivek Raghunathan, his team describes him as the world’s first search engine with no advertising and privacy at the centre, focused only on showing users the best

The…Bet of the founders is to offer a paid service, in a scenario where the search on the web, as well as covered for the most part by a few colossus of the… It, is almost all free. Will users be willing to pay for a confidential and ad-free search?

According to Neeva’s team, space is there.

Neeva’s founders are convinced that traditional search engines no longer serve the user primarily: they are spread out of advertising and show organic search results much lower.

What started as a way of organizing web information turned into a business that focused most of its resources on monetizing clicks to support advertisers.

Neeva wants to represent a profound rethink of research: without advertising, confidential and customizable.

This begins with the reversal of the traditional business model from a service based on advertising to a subscription based service. In this way, the service can focus 100% on providing the best search experience for the user.

Neeva’s intention is to provide more relevant results and higher quality content. Blocking third party trackers. Furthermore, by connecting Neeva to email accounts, calendars and cloud storage platforms, users can bring out information that is most valuable to them without sacrificing privacy.

Neeva wants to support the content ecosystem, declares itself in favour of publishers and intends to create opportunities for content creators to gain. The company intends to share at least 20% of the main revenue with content creators partners when their content is used to answer directly to the demand of a Neeva user.

As a general principle, Neeva puts the user at the center of everything. From online shopping to looking for old emails, each function is designed thinking of the user, declares with determination the development team.

First of all, with a search without ad. Up to 40% of the results on the main search engines are advertisements, while Neeva is designed to provide real search results and without 100% advertising.

Then, allowing users to navigate safely and confidentially. Neeva’s extension, compatible with all major browsers, prevents trackers from following consumers. The company declares that it never sells or shares the data of users with anyone and that it respects privacy. And users can anonymously search in unknown mode.

However, you can customize the results of the research. Users can choose the preferred retailers and news sources from which they want to view the results.

Neeva then allows users to discover the best products, recommended by experts, aggregated in one place, and to easily read reviews of reliable sites and verified customers.

In addition to web search, Neeva also searches personal accounts. To make your search even more useful, Neeva users can sync personal emails, calendars and documents so that they can find everything they need from a single search box.

Neeva provides a compatible extension with all major browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge and Safari, works on all devices and is also available as an app for iOS.

As we said, after the free trial period, US users can subscribe at $4.95 a month. These conditions, both priced and three months free trial, are indicated by Neeva as special for early adopters.

The company did not specify whether these terms will remain later and whether and when the offer will be extended outside the United States.

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