Remote support is a fundamental need and a differentiation element for the Workspace One platform.

These are words of Shankar Iyer, senior vice president and general manager, End-User Computing of Vmware, who claims to have the goal of expanding remote support to additional operating systems and further increasing savings on

That’s why Vmware announced its intention to acquire AetherPal, a provider of remote support solutions that allow it to view, control and solve problems of remote devices and applications and improve productivity and efficiency,

The workforce, which is increasingly mobile today, connects everywhere and on a variety of platforms of devices. This means that IT must provide multiplatform support to remote users in case of problems.

In this scenario, remote support capabilities are increasingly important for the digital transformation of the workforce and a key element for a digital workspace platform.

Since May 2017 Vmware has been reselling AetherPal’s remote support solution as an additional component of Vmware Workspace One under the name Workspace One Advanced Remote Management. Its functionality is a priority requirement for purpose-built devices that are used for specific jobs in warehouses, production facilities, retail stores.

More and more customers use remote support technology for their fleets of heterogeneous devices to further reduce the need for support, eliminate on-site visits and reduce device returns.

For telecom operators and hardware manufacturers who support thousands or even millions of business customers and consumers, the need for remote support technologies is even stronger.

AetherPal’s approach will be added to the One-based Workspace Intelligence platform to give remote connection to any device within seconds from the Workspace ONE console via any Web browser, display of any device’s screen

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