Mytraffic, a data insight company for physical sites, collected 10 million euros with Alven as the main investor and Kernel as the existing investor. The company intends to use the funds to develop the functionality of its products and accelerate its growth in Italy, France, Holland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany and Spain.

Through its SaaS platform, Mytraffic provides accurate and dynamic in-depth information on physical locations (shopping points, shopping centres, offices and logistics centres) to retailers, real estate operators, institutional investors and local administrations.

Exclusive data and state-of-the-art software allow property owners to set the correct price for rentals, retail networks to choose the locations that will encourage their expansion, marketing managers of shopping malls to select areas for more effective marketing activities or municipal administrations

In an environment increasingly characterized by great volatility of traffic flows, Mytraffic’s main mission is to support real estate and asset managers, retailers and urban planners to make data-based decisions on where, when and how much to invest in a

The company today offers a SaaS platform with complete data on 1 million physical sites in Europe, ranging from volumes of visitors updated in real time and historical to profiles and the origin of visitors.

Mytraffic’s primary objective is to accelerate and improve decisions on where, when and how much to invest in a specific area or location to improve asset performance, reduce decision risk and monitor its impact over time.

Capital injection will enable Mytraffic to strengthen research and development activities, invest in new cases of use, such as vehicle traffic analysis and expand the pool of sales and marketing talents, to increase market share in Italy,

Mytraffic also announces that he is looking for collaborators.

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