Mint defines itself as a MadTech technology company (Marketing Advertising Technology) that provides advertisers with a technology to manage in multichannel optics (search, social, display, native, video, programmatic radio, connected TV, OOH

Mint applies artificial intelligence algorithms and process automation to the planning and purchasing of advertising.

Mint technology is currently used by users such as Tim, Stellantis, MasterCard, Western Union, Illimity, Dompè.

At the summit of Mint, with the role of Ceo, Andrea Pezzi, a well-known face of the national TV show business (from MTV to RAI, passing through Mediaset), has been dedicated to digital entrepreneurship for years and has founded My

Pieces aims to democratize access to digital advertising and to do so proposes a scalable platform that proposes the same technological plant, regardless of the size of the company

According to Pieces , advertising investments are often perceived only as a cost item, both by companies and consumers. A cost for companies that complain about the lack of return on investment due to the poor orchestration of processes and optimization of messages, a waste of human resources that are used to carry out repetitive work without any intellectual value, exposing them to errors and inefficiencies. On the consumer side, advertising risks becoming irrelevant when the planning process is inefficient. Mint is a new way of thinking about the business of digitalized companies and society. We are transforming the world of Adv making it automated, intelligent and sustainable, through a platform of advertising automation able to optimize spending in communication, not discriminating in favor of the size of invested capital.

Artificial intelligence and automation at the heart of the Mint platform suite to capitalize on the big data of the ADV and optimize in real time the entire process of managing a media campaign.

Mint has three products: M1 for large enterprise segment, M2 for small business segment and M3 for micro business segment.

All three use artificial intelligence to optimize campaigns and process information that allows more accurate choices, allowing advertisers to gain in efficiency, increase their performance and return on advertising investment, thus investing in better and more competitive products.

They also allow the best use of resources, starting with human resources that, thanks to automation, can devote themselves to the realization of the most important project: their personal growth.

Mint, the company stresses, is a platform that does not discriminate in favour of the size of the invested capital but, on the contrary, values the best ideas of the enterprises, whatever their size.

Mint M1 for large companies

Mint M1 is defined as a complete suite to allow large companies to manage all stages of their digital communication. From strategy, to the creation of audiences to targets, from planning, to buying, from operational management to reporting.

A single interface where to do everything, with little effort and lots of artificial intelligence based on your country data. With automation driven by M1 artificial intelligence, the time spent in operational activities is reduced by 30%, freeing up valuable resources that can be allocated to more strategic processes. Furthermore, the use and analysis of historical data from marketing campaigns allows companies to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns by up to 40% compared to traditional systems.

M2 Platform: Small companies and service agencies

M2 is a tool for small companies that want to manage their investment in communication and exploit all digital channels like large companies, and also a B2B sales tool for large sales forces that every day manage commercial relations with the world of small companies.

The M3 platform: digital for everyone

New is the application for micro business: a tool that exploits the power of artificial intelligence and automation to guide micro-enterprises in the creation of advertising campaigns in a simple, optimized and without the need for any specific expertise.

With a few steps you can promote your business on online channels and to the most interested audience based on the available budget.

Mint’s intelligent engine is able to understand how to optimize the results of any online campaign in real time, based on the data produced by the campaign itself. Technology is able to analyse what is happening upstream (advertising investments, media mix, reached audiences and campaign settings) and what is happening downstream (effective sales, media KPI); identify variables that have an impact and develop the best investment strategy;

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