Vodafone shows how connectivity and technology can improve societies, economies and industries and create a more sustainable world as part of the 2021 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Vodafone, reports the site of the society dedicated to the event, believes that the human spirit combined with innovation can do much to improve the way we all live and the way we treat our planet.

At Mwc 2021 Vodafone celebrates its commitment to society as the foundation of everything it does as a company, with the Inclusion For All, Planet and Digital Society initiatives.

Each shows how technology improves life, connects for a better future and allows an inclusive and sustainable digital world, highlighting the commitment to social contract in the process.

According to Vodafone, the last year has accelerated digitalisation and digital transformation as economies and societies rebuild better.

While Europe and Africa, in particular, are reconstructing, it is important that public investment increases access to digital services that have become even more central in people’s lives over the last year.

There are challenges and opportunities to achieve this goal and Vodafone believes that we believe with a greater partnership between private sector companies such as Vodafone, development organisations and governments, the international development goals can be achieved.

20 projects for the digital era

In the context of Mwc 2021, Vodafone shows on its website twenty projects that reflect the digital approach to the themes of daily life, from home to health, from work to training, according to the three macro initiatives that are the subject of sustainability: inclusion (

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