The Mobile World Congress (Mwc) 2021 will be held in presence as announced by Gsma, the organizer.

The courageous choice made less than a month ago is already finding numerous obstacles.

In fact, there are many defections already announced: Nokia and Ericsson, besides Sony and Oracle had already certified their absence.

However, for Mwc 2021 comes a very hard blow: this time it is Google who has just announced that this year will not expose to the Barcelona event.

Here is Google’s full statement:

• Following our current travel restrictions and protocols imposed by Covid-19, Google has decided not to exhibit at Mobile World Congress this year. We will continue to work closely with GSMA and support our partners through virtual opportunities. We look forward to starting this year’s activities and seeing you in Barcelona in 2022.

Although it is early for final conclusions on Mobile World Congress 2021, it is clear that the uncertainties about the pandemic remain overwhelming. The unpredictable pace of vaccination campaigns and the emergence of new coronary virus mutations are certainly not helpful.

Organizing participation in such an important event takes a lot of time and resources. It is not difficult to understand the reasons behind the numerous forfaits: too many unknowns are still present.

The collective wish is that we move towards gradual normalization; however, it is really difficult (if not impossible) to make time forecasts.

Several European countries are preparing for an April, which is more or less soft lockdown.

On June 28, the beginning of Mwc 2021, it is not that far away.

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