Google has confirmed that next week the new YouTube Music Key service will be launched.

This is a new proposal which will enable users to

view videos and listen to music without interruption


In addition to the traditional content offered without

display any advertising messages, YouTube Music Key ›

collaboration with the main labels

access to the full albums of the various artists, what to date

Not possible.

A new tab, added in all

versions of the service (web, Android and Apple iOS), makes available

of YouTube Music Key users custom tips, which

include video, music and playlist reporting.


for the moment the service will not be available by everyone. How

YouTube Music Key will be accessible only by invitation and will still be considered in the…beta version.

Who will get an invitation (you can pre-record to this address),

YouTube Music Key can be used for free for six months.

At the end of the trial period, you may subscribe by paying

$7.99 a month. This is an amount

promotional, discounted compared to the list amount that is 9.99


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