Kyndryl and Vmware have announced an expansion of the strategic partnership focused on the modernisation of apps and multicloud services.

The goal of the expansion is to accelerate IT and reinvention of business for customers through the combination of Vmware solutions and Kyndryl design, construction and management services.

The two companies aim to accelerate digital transformation by building and distributing new, safer applications designed and built for a distributed work world.

Kyndryl and Vmware share a productive relationship built on over 20 years of collaboration between Vmware and Ibm.

Today’s agreement adds a focus on providing differentiated solutions for multicloud infrastructure and management, digital workspace services, managed applications, resilience and security, network and edge computing.

Kyndryl also plans to work with Vmware to expand its multicloud consulting, deployment and management services to support the Tanzu Vmware platform and deploy vSphere workloads to multiclo Vmware infrastructure

To promote the global scope and impact of their collaboration, Kyndryl and Vmware have established an alignment at local, regional and global level of their respective capabilities, skills and resources that will facilitate the planning, investment and implementation of solutions.

The two companies are also jointly developing a Joint Innovation Lab (JIL) to guide the innovations of the delivery model and reach and serve customers better.

JIL’s programs will focus on developing solutions for the modernisation of apps, containers, observability and security with Vmware Tanzu, as well as multicloud management solutions.

Kyndryl and Vmware will align closely and optimise their collaboration in support of Vmware Cross-Cloud services to provide services and support for infrastructure and applications to customers, regardless of the cloud provider environments below.

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