Wattsdat has in multicloud with Retelit 40 virtual machines and high connectivity services for cloud management of the Digital Energy platform.

A project started in 2019 led the company operating in the energy and energy efficiency market to manage in multicloud the services of the platform with which the company offers to the companies of sale of Electricity and Gas services to full coverage, from the acquisition of

A high performance activity that counts over 200,000 managed final points (counters) and as many invoices paid per month.

The project was designed to have a fast, secure, and high-performance cloud service, combining the operational and performance needs of the Digital Energy platform with the possibility of having a flexible infrastructure that would meet the needs of a rapidly evolving reality.

The first phase of the process led to the multicloud implementation of the first 20 virtual machines of an Internet Cloud connectivity service, Data backup and ALS licensing.

The activity evolved with the constant support of Retelit’s Cloud Team.

To date, there are 40 virtual machines Wattsdat in multicloud and since the end of 2020, a fibre optic network connection at the Turin headquarters allows the company to drive and operate faster on the cloud machines.

As explained in a note Massimo Vitali, AD of Wattsdat, for the both company \ point on the multicloud was a far-sighted choice not only compared to the management needs of our platform but also with respect This allows us to provide virtual machines that can be managed without constraints and on the other hand it ensures high safety standards thanks to an infrastructure that provides automatic backup and allows you to make Disaster Recovery intuitively

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