Food retail is playing an extremely challenging game today. On the one hand, the socio-economic recovery with the need to diversify user experience to return to attracting people in stores, on the other hand, to operate a prudent management of food (perishable in particular) to reduce losses (food waste weighs for

MotIQa, smart digital enabler for Retail, Advertising and Industry 4.0, and Imecon, an Italian company specialized in the design, prototyping and production of technological solutions in the Digital Signage

RealTime Inventory is an ad-hoc development of MotIQa’s Jot platform designed to notify the withdrawal and repositioning of any type of Food product.

The refrigerator, equipped with RFID sensors, is able to handle anomalies, malfunctions and stocks in RealTime, allowing to manage efficiently the logistic and safety processes. In addition, by collecting the product data whenever it is collected, RealTime Inventory is able to estimate a forecast related to the trend, the operation of a promotion and

By natively integrating into the system created by MotIQa to optimize its functionality, Imecon has created a real Smart Fridge: if for the cold chain the management of the stock is particularly critical, a series of sensors have been added in

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