TikTok announced that in the coming weeks, it will progressively make available to all its users the option to create videos longer than a minute.

The social platform will provide its wide global community with a more flexible way of creating content to record, upload and edit videos up to three minutes in length directly into apps.

The arrival of the new function, underlined TikTok, will then be notified to each user.

Short videos have been the peculiar format that has characterized and decreed the success of the well-known social platform since its inception.

The short format of TikTok has helped create a new style of video communication that has proven to be able to conquer tastes and preferences, especially of a younger audience, both for the use and for the creation of content. Proving that it was possible to express itself in less than 60 seconds.

However, apparently the company’s decision to offer its global community the possibility of creating longer videos, and thus opening the door to new and richer opportunities for sharing and entertainment, comes from the requests of the community itself.

Someone may have already had the chance to see longer videos on TikTok. The company in fact, has given content creators from all over the world the opportunity to experiment with the most extensive format.

The content creators had expressed to the company the desire to have a little more time to make their videos even more lively and to be able to make even better use of TikTok’s creative tools.

Thanks to this function, content creators will now have an ideal format to create new types of content, or expand those they already create, with all the flexibility made possible by the longer duration.

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