Salesforce has launched new artificial intelligence and productivity solutions for customer service, with the latest updates to Service Cloud.

Solutions that allow operators to focus more on the human side of customer service. That is to say, activities that require social intelligence, critical thinking and creative ability to problem solving.

Customer service has evolved rapidly from a simple reactive back-office function to a reality that affects every step of the customer’s journey. The assistance operators are therefore constantly required to do more.

Salesforce helps support this evolution with new recommendations managed by artificial intelligence, automated routing and integrated productivity and collaboration capabilities. Functionality that strengthens and improves the activity of operators and helps companies to meet the needs of customers, today increasingly connected.

Service Cloud in the name of artificial intelligence

Over the last three years, the company stresses, Service Cloud has regularly added new features of artificial intelligence. Functions like Einstein Bots and Einstein Case Classification, which have made the customer service console smarter. And the work of the operators is easier. Starting from what is already present, the new update on the AI front are as follows.

Einstein’s recommended responses use natural language processing to immediately suggest the best responses to operators via chat and messaging. So that they can save time and improve the quality of the answers to customers’ requests.

Einstein’s recommendations use a machine learning model that includes what has worked over time. They automatically advise agents on the knowledge base articles, providing them with the information needed to quickly resolve cases.

Einstein Next Best Action uses corporate rules and predictive intelligence to suggest the best line of action at the point of maximum impact during agent-client interactions. This helps to increase customer satisfaction and discover cross-selling opportunities.

Einstein Case Routing fully automates the routing process through machine learning that can filter cases on the tail or the right operator according to preset criteria. For example, who is the most qualified to solve them based on past experience or results.

Quip for Service increases operator productivity

The operators, Salesforce explains, often take longer to search for answers than to focus on the customer. This, due to the difficulties in the collaboration process, as well as receiving correct inputs from multiple teams. And because of the need to search for answers or documentation among several applications.

Now, with Quip for Service, operators have a productivity and collaboration tool embedded directly in their console.

Quip for Service allows operators to co-author multiple documents and involve experts in this area to deal with complex problems. And to open conversations in real time directly in the case register.

Einstein AI and Quip for Service, together, have the opportunity to transform the work of customer service operators. For example, when a customer contacts a manufacturer for a malfunctioning refrigerator, Einstein Case Routing automatically completes the details of the case and addresses it to the right operator for faster service.

Einstein’s recommendations then provide the operator with information with technical details on how to repair the product. Alternatively, if the customer contacts the company via chat, Einstein suggests in real time to the operator the answers to the customer’s questions.

If the operator needs to hire product experts across the company to help repair the refrigerator, Quip for Service allows you to forward the support request directly into your console. And then find the solution and then use it again in the future.

Finally, according to the conversation and the customer’s purchase history, Einstein Next Best Action can report whether the customer is entitled to an extended free warranty, accompanying the operator through the registration process. The case solution is no longer entrusted to intuition and both the customer and the service provider gain a better overall experience.

Developing the skills of the future

Providing the right technology to companies solves only part of the challenge. This is because access to training is another significant obstacle that customer service organisations face.

To solve this problem, Salesforce has launched Trailblazers for the Future. This is a program that offers managers and agents the cross-cutting skills they need to bring their contact centers into the digital era. And therefore accelerate the growth of their careers and succeed in the fourth industrial revolution.

This is done in various ways. Through workshop in the classroom hosted at regional level by employees and customers Salesforce. Through Trailhead content on relevant topics such as interactions with customers through artificial intelligence and conversations in each channel. With Special Cloud Service certifications and access to a community of over 25,000 service agents.

More information about Trailblazers for the Future is available at this link. All information on the service platform Service Cloud is available on Salesforce, at this link.

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