Shopify announced a commercial partnership with TikTok, defining it as the first of its kind: it is a collaboration that opens up to more than a million users who use the well-known ecommerce backend platform the door of what in the last

With the TikTok channel for Shopify, in fact, Shopify’s users can use TikTok’s global scale to reach a new and very active audience from a social point of view.

To build a successful brand, sellers must be present wherever their customers prefer to spend their time, Shopify highlighted, and today this means increasing their presence in social commerce.

The TikTok channel allows retailers to create and connect their TikTok For Business account and distribute In-Feed video ads with shopping enabled directly within Shopify. Merchants select the product they want to present and automatically generate videos that lead to their Shopify stores for checkout.

The ready-to-use templates designed specifically for electronic commerce allow users of any size to take advantage of the TikTok channel using existing images or videos.

Shopify and TikTok have also anticipated that they will also work together to test new commercial features in the coming months that will allow users to further expand their organic and paid reach on videos and profiles.

It should be noted that the TikTok channel is initially only available in the United States but Shopify has already confirmed that it will be launched in other selected markets in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia in early 2021.

The TikTok app is available in the Shopify App Store, which allows you to easily create TikTok video ads to reach the audience of the popular social videos.

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