The trend for mobile gaming, already in place in pre-Covid times, is further strengthening.

Mobile game downloads in the first half of 2020 will exceed 28 billion, with the revenue of the App Store games that is expected to grow by 51% by 2024.

More in detail, according to the research data analysed and published by SafeBettingSites, there were 28.4 billion downloads of mobile games during the first half of 2020.

From 13.4 billion dollars in the first quarter of 2020, the number rose by 12.2% quarter on quarter to 15 billion in the second quarter.

AppAnnie’s data shows that in the first week of the second quarter, the weekly number of games downloaded exceeded 1.2 billion. For the rest of the quarter, weekly download levels remained at an average of 1 billion.

In April, the largest number of downloads was recorded, equal to 5.5 billion.

India has been leading globally with 1.8 billion downloads, with an increase of 50% to 2.7 billion in the second quarter.

The United States is second with 1.4 billion for both quarters. Counter-trend signals for China, where mobile gaming contracted 35.8% with downloads passed from 743 million in the first quarter to 477 million in the second quarter. In comparison to the two major mobile gaming markets, Google Play Store recorded 22.8 billion downloads; for Apple’s App Store the count was 5.7 billion.

However, numbers change when it comes to the gain generated by mobile gaming. In fact, App Store is firmly positioned in first place with 22.2 billion dollars compared to 14.6 billion dollars in the Play Store.

The turnover of App Store for the first quarter of 2019 was $18.1 billion, with an increase of 23% year on year. The US has been the leading global market with over $10 billion in turnover.

Sensor Tower predicted that mobile game downloads in 2020 will reach $57 billion, with a growth of 35.7% compared to 2019.

By 2024, the figure is expected to rise to 75 billion.

At the same time, turnover is estimated to have increased by 14.3% to 72 billion dollars from 63 billion dollars in 2019. By 2024 it is expected to reach 98 billion euros.

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