MindSphere World Italia once again proves to be a concrete association, and its members always offer solid applications that enable a technology essential for the future like the IoT.

40Factory, for example, presents . Machine Analytics Tool, available on MindSphere, for predictive maintenance activities, i.e. for constant control of the health of the machines, the containment of consumption, as

Part of [email protected] 4.0, Mandelli Systems solutions for the digital factory, [email protected] is the solution, also available on MindSphere, useful for monitoring, detection and processing of data to maintain optimal conditions of operation of the plant

With the PS Mobile Digital Smartphone Assistant, perfectly integrated into MindSphere, you can view documents and operating instructions automatically selected according to the machine’s service status, then submit the CheckList for resolution

Rittal’s Smart Service App, available on MindSphere Store, allows you to remotely manage the functionality of Blue e+ air conditioners, thus reducing maintenance costs, increasing service efficiency and rapid analysis Rittal consultants will show the visitor the latest configurations of the Blue e+ line with the active connection to MindSphere.

IoT solutions from Engineering Computer Engineering make available the analysis and design of the best solutions, the calculation of plant performance and specific KPIs integrating technical and analytical skills that will be demonstrated through an automatic line model present in the stand.

Miraitek’s Miraaidash App allows you to quickly create custom dashboards to see the performance of your machines at a glance, thanks to a user friendly interface, an optimized graphics for functionality and especially thanks to the connection

It is not surprising, therefore, that the association MindSphere World Italia attracts the attention of new members. In fact, it is official to enter four new realities: Breton Spa, Mandelli Sistemi Srl, Machining Centers Engineering Srl and Ps Mobile Srl; now there are 28 members overall.

Breton SpA, pioneer in the development of advanced technologies and materials, has been an international leader since 1963 in the design and production of advanced industrial machinery and plants.

Mandelli Sistemi SpA produces Horizontal 4 and 5 Axis Work Centres. Mandelli Centres, built according to Industry 4.0 philosophy, offer excellent performance for power, speed, versatility and durability

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