The Milano Digital Week returns from 17 to 21 March, renewed in its form, content and ways of fruition.

The event promoted by the City of Milan • Department of Digital Transformation and Civic Services • and realized by IAB Italia, Cariplo Factory and Hublab, with the support of the main partner Intesa Sanpaolo will be

The theme of the Equa and Sustainable City is a Milan that sees its new horizon emerging from the economic, social and environmental point of view.

The thematic area embraces the founding values of the city • platform for excellence of experimentation and innovation • which, as it is today, is never a laboratory for sustainable transition: innovation, inclusiveness, (re) digital literacy

On these two main themes (Equa and Sustainable) the event traces the transformations and the hypothesis of project that last year brought with it and that will constitute many guidelines in the near future.

Fairness is an indispensable condition in this historical period to regenerate a system that sees a more harmonious relationship between all its parts. Sustainability is increasingly a step of knowledge between generations, at a time when society, economy and the environment have much more levels of interaction between them. There are four clusters (Sustainability, Equality, Rights and Inclusion) on which the five-day program of active participation develops with a varied schedule of over 650 events online, more than 200 speakers, more than And, again, three projects dedicated to young talents from all over Italy and from all over the world to design the fair and sustainable world of tomorrow (#Act4SDGs), four lectio masterlis, two international artistic projects and C0C Milano

A great collective confrontation whose objective is to collect articulated answers, but also suggestions and ideas, starting from the assumption that digital is, increasingly often, a central element of social, economic, environmental connection, and vehicle of this epochal change as an accelerator of every project and process

Involved in the Digital Week • also in this fourth edition • Institutions, Universities, centers of production of knowledge, places of information and research, associations and companies, start-ups and many small and large realities. All the actors of digital transformation, united to make the citizens know how and the various faces of a city that, even through digital, is trying with determination to reach a new point of balance. From work to the environment, from mobility to the economy, from culture to training, from sustainability to the media: the areas that embrace the event in a cross-cutting way and that find space through the online events in program. The call was largely answered with almost 500 events: among the participants the most important university institutions in the city, such as Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, IED

The complete programme

Milano Digital Week officially starts Wednesday, March 17 at 6 pm with the opening event organized by the City of Milan, Dialogues, stories and people behind the data The event tells the importance of data in the innovation process and is the occasion to tell the public about the Data-driven strategy of Milan, which will culminate with the presentation of a preview of the Dashboard of the City, one of the key projects of the City Giuseppe Sala, Mayor of Milan, Vittorio Colao, Minister for Technology Innovation and Digital Transition, Giorgia Lupi, Information designer, Carlo Vercellis, Professor of Machine Learning at the Polytechnics Modera Massimo Sideri, Director Corriere Innovazione.

Plenaria Italia › Waiting for the Milano Digital Week is a corridor of preparation for the event with direct and horizontal comparisons, live every day from 12 to 16 March, on the Instagram MDW profile, led by the best influence We talk about • Science • with Stefano Bertacchi (industrial biotechnologist), • Medicina • with Roberta Villa (doctor and consultant of the The theme is addressed • Work with Silvia Zanella (journalist and manager, author of the book • The future of work is female • published by Bompiani), the theme • Letteratura • with Giul

To design the fair and sustainable world of tomorrow, the fourth edition of Milano Digital Week launches Act4SDGs, three projects dedicated to young talents from all over Italy and from all over the world, managed by technical partner Tree, with the support of ABB,

Thirty-six hours of design, discussion and inspiration, focused on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations through two • Call for Ideas • for under 35, one Italian and one A real assembly \ sponsored by SDG Global Action \ Â a comparison of ideas, knowledge and experiences to define the new paradigms that are most necessary for the sustainability of changes. Five clusters are located in the… Call for Ideas (Italy): poverty, gender equality, climate change, circular economy, health. Starting from these themes, young creative talents will be confronted to design and develop concrete solutions for a fairer and more sustainable world. Climate change will focus on international Call. The finalists will have the opportunity to present their projects on 17 and 18 March; a panel of experts will evaluate the best ideas that will be awarded on 19 March at 5 p.m. During this innovation marathon, 10 teams of young innovators, developers, design and communication experts will participate in Agos HACK, the hackathon sponsored by Agos on the circular economy.

Through the Reverse Mentoring format, with the contribution of ABB, Axpo, Minsait and TIM, young talents interview corporate representatives: the goal is to build a map that brings together the best sustainability practices integrated by ideas A challenge for young talents and professionals with strong motivation and skills but above all initiative and great desire to change the world.

Of great importance for this edition is La Fabbrica del Lavoro, a format dedicated to comparisons and reflections on the future of work, on new professions and digital skills between smart working and digital divides, supported by Adecco, Eni, Fastweb,

The Factory, the hardware of the material work par excellence, joins the software that innerd the works of the intangible, a central resource in the third millennium. From Thursday 18 to Saturday 20 March there are talks and workshops coordinated by great players and actors of the revolution of the work that we are all living.

The afternoons of Thursday 18 and Friday 19 March are dedicated to workshops, while in the plenary session of Friday 19 March high profile corporate players compare on how the world of work has changed in the last year, in their respective areas. They discuss: Alberto Calcagno (AD Fastweb), Alessandro Lanza (Foundation Eni Enrico Mattei), Manlio Ciralli (Chief Sales Branding & Innovation Officer of Adecco Group

The plenary session of Saturday 20 March opens at 10.00 am with live talk › Is smartworking sustainable? ›, an inquiry by Fiom-Cgil of Milan on agile work in ICT: rights, democracy, participation. Roberta Turi, secretary general of Fiom-Cgil in Milan, Matteo Gaddi (researcher of the Sabatini Foundation), Alessandra Ingrao (jujuslavorist, researcher of the State University of Milan). The meeting is followed by the meeting………………………………………….. Closes the plenary session in the morning (at 12.00) a panel all female • The future of work, the work of the future • with Silvia Zanella (Manager, author of • The future of work is A talk to question how we will work tomorrow and what skills we will need most.

In the afternoon session, through dedicated workshops (3.00 pm) we talk about training with Dorina Hysenbelli (Talent Garden), industry 4.0 (16.30 pm) with Francesco Seghezzi (President of Fondazione Adapt), of

Also Saturday 20 at 11.00 Milan Digital Week hosts in the schedule the transmission Eta Beta conducted by Massimo Cerofolini, live on Radio Rai 1 with a episode entirely dedicated to the themes of the MDW. The broadcast, focused on innovation with experts of the digital revolution, will present the schedule as a whole with a sinking into the new green practices of the City of the Future.

Four lectio magistralis with prestigious international authors, distributed during the four days of the event. High moments of listening on topics that move from the digital world with Cass Sunstein, professor at Harvard Law School and author of Alec Ross, director of the Obama Administration for Innovation and Professor at Columbia University, is following with lectio. How to face the world of the next twenty years (Feltrinelli) outlines the future that awaits us in the next few years to help us find our place in the new world (18 March at 19.00). Ece Temelkuran, Turkish political activist journalist and author of • How to break a country in seven moves (Bollati Boringhieri) outlines, in his lectio, how in seven moves a nation can He closes Benjamin Labatut, Chilean essayist and writer with a deep reflection on the birth of modern science inspired by his latest book

This year the schedule of the lectio is the result of collaboration with BookCity Milan, on the occasion of its tenth anniversary. In particular, it will be a space for developing a critical, historical and political reflection on the relationship between digital and the analog world that we all live in. The collaboration between Milano Digital Week and BookCity Milano testifies to the desire of two important cultural events in the city to join forces at such a complex time, thus not giving up the role of speakers and cultural spreaders that both embody

Milano Digital Week is the first Italian event to put gender discrimination at the centre of the technological world. The same racist stereotypes, misogyns and homophobes that we witness in the social context are amplified by the codes of software and artificial intelligence. Among these, gender biases in some technologies are likely to undermine the digital existence of half the world’s population, causing real damage and undermining rights and freedoms. A paradoxical power, that of the Islamic Republic, that risks to cancel important social achievements and not to keep up with progress. In the event \”Tech Gender Bias” (20 March at 15.00) promoted by Bird&Bird we start from these considerations to tell the different causes and drift of gender biases. In a society where the classification, analysis and prediction of our choices and habits are increasingly entrusted to machines and algorithms, the impact these processes have on people should be of primary importance.

To learn more and to draw ideas for the future, MDW proposes an interview with three experts, introduced by Massimiliano Mostardini (Partner Bird & Bird, founder of the Italian Studio and co-responsible for the Department of Property Coded Bias was presented at the Sundance Film Festival and will be available free of charge exclusively on the MDW platform from 17 to 21 March.

In the format Generations, promoted by AXA Italia, important voices from the same sectors but from different generational eras confront each other to seek together sustainable solutions to build a richer and more inclusive future. Intense and lively dialogues between opposing positions or between those who have worked in the same field but at different times with the common goal of generating It ranges from young people to communities with Riccardo Camarda (founder of Italian Human Capital) and with Don Gino Rigoldi, from art with Michelangelo Pistoletto and Maria Francesca Rhodes to music with Vittorio Co The conversations (available on demand on the MDW website from 17 to 21 March) are interspersed by…Demographic pills… by Federico Capeci (author of the book…Generations..

From sustainable development to training, from work to inclusion, from media to technology, from health to art: wide and diverse are the themes of the dialogues live.

Among these: Corriere della Sera (channel Technology) presents, in a live conference (17 March 11.00) the 2021 edition of the project #CampBus, a very special school bus, which takes inside the institutes of second Students, teachers, partners and institutions will participate in the moderation of the Corriere della Sera journalists. In the webinar • Hybrid life: the daily life between physicist and digitalist • (18 March at 9.30) is addressed the theme of the new physical reality in which technology has become an enabling factor to Gabriella Scapicchio (Sindaco, Village), Vittorio Ratto (Vice General Manager of Crédit Agricole), Gianluca Divini (Head of Marketing and Digital of Crédit Agricole) discuss this. The Silvio Tronchetti Provera Foundation with Cariplo Factorypropone l’evento ›The Next Normal › (18 March at 10.00) with experts of the highest value for a comparison on the relevance of digital transformation and Alfonso Gambardella (Professor of Business Management and Economy, Bocconi University), Vittorio Chiesa (Professor of Management Engineering, Politecnico di Milano), Monica Gargantini (He • Digitalisation of payments in Italy. Towards a cashless country (March 18, 11:00) is the virtual round table by Minsat, to discuss with ABI and Nexi the trends of Payment Systems in Italy, according to the 10th Report on Trends in Minsait Payment Systems, Compare: Adriano Gerardelli (Head of Financial Services Italy, Minsait), Rita Camporeale (ABI Payment Systems Manager), Enrico Albertelli (Head of Payments Marketing & Development, Nexi). Since March 17, TIM, with Olivetti and Noovle, offers a series of talks dedicated to projects in the fields of Smart City and Smart District, Big Data and Smart Analytics, Data Center eco-sustainable and Cloud The Group’s experience in the MIND project, Smart Urban Services, Smart Community, Smart Agriculture, eXtended reality and drone services will also be discussed.

This year, but in virtual mode, Fastweb opens the doors of its Data Center Tier IV in Milan, one of the most advanced in the world for efficiency and environmental respect (18 March at 2.30 p.m.).

With Wired Health, Wired’s event, we explore how digital is transforming the health and health systems world (17 and 18 March).

• Digital start-ups, from the Covid certification to electronic money for Milan: how a crypt wallet will change our lives • is the talk organized by Infocert with Cariplo Factory (March 18th at 4.00 pm

On 18 March at 5 pm the talk “Show must go on” focuses on new practices in the artistic field to cover and survive the year of the pandemic. The cultural protagonists Umberto Angelini (artistic curator Triennale di Milano) Francesco Micheli (theatrical director), Lorenza Baroncelli (artistic director, Triennale di Milano), Ariella Vidach (d

Thursday, March 18 at 5.30 pm l The Historical Archives of Intesa Sanpaolo produces a great deal of original information, the result of the work of the archivists. A valuable heritage, taken from primary sources, that wants to be made available through Linked Open Data to network users and institutions that hold similar assets, to increase the shared knowledge of the history of the Italian business and economy. The proposed tool to achieve the sharing of these resources is an ontology, realized with Regesta.exe, to represent the information of the historical bank archives on the basis of an abstract model of description of the documents produced during their activity.

Also at 17.30 back \ Unstoppable Women \ Live on the social channels of StartupItalia. Through the experiences, successes, stories of many professionals, artists, sportsmen, it is told where the way to female leadership passes. Repower, an active group in the energy sector and sustainable mobility, proposes the talk • Sustainable mobility and sharing economy • 18 March 18.30) with Fabio Bocchiola (AD Repower Italia) and Ivana Pais (

• The circular economy and the future of cities • is the panel organized by Tondo and the Circular Economy Lab, initiative of Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and Cariplo Factory for a comparison on the transformation of the current Among the guests, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation on the role of circular cities for the transition to sustainable development and Ricehouse presenting its solutions for sustainable architecture. To stimulate change, Hacking the City-Design will be presented at Circular Future, a hackathon to design and support circular solutions.

Omar Schillaci (vice director of Sky TG24) and Professor Andrea Grignolio (San Raffaele and Cnr) tell how the format \ Pills of vaccine was born, innovative scientific insight aired on Sky

The main Italian TLC operators (Fastweb, TIM and Vodafone) are compared in the round table Participants: Marco Arioli (Head of Network Engineering, Fastweb), Sabrina Baggioni (5G Program Director, Vodafone), Ivana Borrelli (Head of 5G Verticals, TIM).

From the pool Cozzi in Viale Tunisia is spoken of digital transformation of sport into a pandemic era with MilanoSport (March 19th at 15.00) with Chiara Bisconti(Alderman at Wellness, Sport and Leisure of the City of Milan

Accenture proposes panels › Technology: Drivers of change and new professionalism › (March 19th at 4.00 pm) with Valerio Romano (Senior Managing Director, Accenture Cloud First Lead The theme of facial recognition and how the latter risks weakening democracies and compressing fundamental rights, with particular attention to the Italian situation is at the center of the event Diletta Huyskes (Privacy Network Advocacy Manager), Matteo Navacci (Advocacy & Research Supervisor) are talking about this. Co-founder and member of the Privacy Network Board, Laura Carrer(Privacy Network).

Ruben Razzante (doctente Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore) taking inspiration from his anthology ›The network I would like to meet (FrancoAngeli) Stefano Lucchini (

In the talk

How artificial intelligence changes the world of information is the theme of the panel We talk about high finance, digital technology and the power of information in the webinar

Jacopo Franchi with Andrea Daniele Signorelli presents the wise The impossible work of content moderators

In the webinar \”Digital Gods” (20 March at 5 pm) we examine the relationship between fake news, plottism, new media and religion. Michele Olzi (Professor and member of the Italian Society of Political Philosophy), Giulia Evolvi (doctant in media and communication at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Holland), Robert Revello (teacher and director of the publishing house) • The immortals • (20 March at 6 p.m.) analyzes from different disciplinary points of view the ways in which the digital revolution • has modified or expanded the human desire to live forever. The meeting highlights both the opportunities and the risks of technological invadement within the relationship between life and death. Giuseppe Longo (informatician and writer), Davide Sisto (philosopher of the University of Turin), Francesca Ferrando (philosopher and writer), Alberto Giuliani (photographer and journalist, author of

There are no lack of reflections on sustainable mobility and urban cycling with • Bike Tech Talks • 18 March) and • HugMI • 21 March.

An important space, consistent with this year’s theme, is dedicated to digital technologies at the service of Milanese and Italian social realities: the digital becomes an amplifier for third sector projects. Emergency offers two events: the multimedia exhibition  Any day. Stories that start again in Italy… (18 March 18:00) to reflect, with eight stories of life, on the positive side of integration. The second event ♪ Nobody excluded ♪ (March 19, 14) to tell, through data, the new poverty brought by the pandemic. Fondazione Acra, committed to the fight against poverty, organizes the talk • Active solidarity of young people against the pandemic • (18 March 2.30 pm) and the workshop • Games and stories for environmental sustainability Children, led by ACRA trainers, experts in education to global citizenship, will play to invent stories and stories related to environmental sustainability (21 March at 4 p.m.).

On March 18 at 12.00 during the streaming event At 14.00, the meeting \Città Eque e Sostenibile: the Digital response of the Italian Municipalities in the year of Covid-19 Â: a moment of comparison between Italian cities, realized in collaboration with ANCI, in which

Finally, at 17, the international event ›Digital Bridges › › › › › › › › › › › › › › ›

On March 20th at 12.00 the City of Milan in collaboration with the Bank of Italy proposes the event . Innovative visions, financial investments, digital instruments: when the finance accelerates the transition towards the future. Innovation, sustainability and responsibility towards the new generations are the cornerstones of the strategy of relaunching Italy in the coming months in the most important challenge: to build the new vision of the system that will ferry the country towards economic and social recovery. Cities, institutions and businesses can do much to accelerate change and transition to a fair, sustainable and inclusive future. The investment world will play a central role in accelerating the innovation system and in the strategy that is being taken up. Finance, Venture Capital and ›Business Angels › How can they support young people’s innovation capacity and build a new idea of the future with them? What role will sustainability play in building a fairer development model? Will digital be the cross-asset to build a new reality ‘increased by talents and people? Conversano su questi interrogazioni: Roberta Cocco (Assora alla Transformazione Digitale e Servizi Civici, Comune di Milano), Alessandra Perrazzelli (Vice Director Generale, Banca d’Italia),

ISPI • Institute for International Politics Studies organizes the meeting •The cities of the future: visions, projects and utopias • (March 18 at 6.30 p.m.). An international panel in English on urban utopias and realities of recent years with reflections on the major projects of new cities to question what can still be replicable and realistic post-pandemic. On these questions we compare Saskia Sassen (a US sociologist and economist), Carlos Moreno (a university professor and specialist in the intelligent control of complex systems), Francesca Bria (President CDP Venture Capital SGR, Italy

The Village by CA Milano, the first hub of Crédit Agricole’s innovation in Italy, is the place from where on March 18 at 9.30 it is told how the two dimensions (physical and digital) are evolving. A plenary session entitled • The Hybrid Life: the daily newspaper between physics and digital • dedicated to all areas of the Phygital world with the participation of numerous companies and startups. There is talk of innovation in a broad sense with Massimo Ippoliti (Responsible for Innovation Capgemini) and Gabriella Scapicchio (Sindaco Le Village by CA Milano) and then range from customer experience to new payment systems with Talks are available on the Milano Digital Week website from March 18th.

Milan/Milan is the innovative format proposed by Milano Digital Week with ABB and BMW Group to talk about sustainable mobility and, more generally, about city change: public figures from the world of mobility and urban planning dialogue on board Three zero-emission trips with video pills that tell three new visions of Milan with Roberta Cocco (Assora alla Transformazione Digitale e Servizi Civici Comune di Milano), Antonio De Bellis (eMobility Lead Manager

The formation is as always at the center of the reflections of Milano Digital Week. With MAMMA DAD, promoted by TIM, a physical space for comparison is proposed in the classroom of the Politecnico di Milano EduCafè between a delegation of high school students and one of the universities in dialogue with Marco De Rossi (WeScho The event will be followed by some classes of high schools, with the possibility of digital interaction, from a remote point of view, on line live on March 18 at 11.00 am.

Seven hundred years after its birth, a tribute to the poet par excellence, in collaboration with Treccani, takes shape with the talk ÂDante Alighieri in rap time with Murubutu (Italian teacher and rap On the occasion of the celebrations of the Dante year, the two artists propose a meeting between narration and musical performance: a reflection on the genesis of the concept of the album that, starting from some characters of the third song, reinterprets them

With Treccani, we analyse the new trends in multimedia languages with a digital laboratory dedicated to the discovery of the new languages of the media, through the history and successes of the MEME, a vehicle of universal communication involving cultural giants and companies. The most important Italian experts on the subject, the art historian Valentina Tanni, the Social Media Manager of Treccani Daniele Zinni and the writer Alessandro Lolli compare themselves on the nature of this new digital grammar giving tools on how to

This year MDW social media dedicate a meta-story to the memes. Bernie Sanders, Fiorello from the Sanremo stage, Chris Torres’ space kitten: 2021 began with the reconfirmation of the timeless success of the imagination that conveys these complex simple units Images / GIF, therefore, anonymous or author, with high or low codes, new or ‘oldest’, for some powerful linguistic devices, for other expression of new practices and aesthetics, for others still symbols of a copyright From post to post, every special guest, from Harold the Pain to the eccentric French painter Joseph Ducreux, will be accompanied by a small story in pills at the bottom.

This year MDW in collaboration with ArtsFor has created two special projects dedicated to cinema and literature together with two important international platforms, MUBI and Storytel: a rich, innovative and accessible schedule.

In collaboration with MUBI… streaming platform of films by author… MDW proposes a film review entitled “Life from 21st Century.” A film vision of modern city life The films chosen clearly explore the ups and downs of living in the 21st century, from the chaotic energy of Shanghai in…Dead Pigs to the disruption of urban society in…24City to the illuminating glimpses At a time when the possibility of moving in the open spaces has never been so limited, the review is designed to imagine new ways of interaction with the city. Milano Digital Week users will have free access to the MUBI platform for 30 days. The project will be introduced by a conversation between Barbara Sorrentini, journalist, author and radio conductor and Carla Vulpiani, film programmer, creative producer and sales agent.

Storytel, the app that allows you to listen to over 100,000 audiobooks, podcasts and ebooks, in Italian, English and Spanish, hosts a Playlist dedicated to Milano Digital Week with a selection of digital theme titles and sustainability. We move from . The purple cow……. ♪ Seth Godin’s ♪ How we’ll be ♪ Luca de Biase and Telmo Pievani ♪ ♪ Ste A journey through essays, biographies, novels and graphic novels to explore some of the most interesting passages on technology and sustainability. Milan Digital Week users will have free access to the Storytel platform for 30 days.

The C0C Milano digital project/event ›The Festival As A Performance › is a reflection on creativity and art shared as a true heritage of a city. Iconic spaces of the City of Milan will be the stage of a series of artistic and musical performances absolutely new. From Saturday 20 March 2021, the event will be broadcast on the platform, to which you can directly from the Milano Digital Week website. C0C is Xplosiva’s response to the new chaos of these uncertain times. Zero represents a new starting point. an attempt to start a new artistic ideation and production that among the various objectives has above all to investigate a possible contemporary utopia in support of local scenes and communities.

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