Twelve cities of nine nations entered the final phase of the competition to become the European Capital of Innovation 2020, announced today by the European Commission’s Research and Innovation Directorate, and among them there is Milan.

The award, funded by the Horizon 2020 programme for EU research and innovation, recognises European cities developing innovation ecosystems to address public challenges and improve people’s lives.

In the finalists’ round of this year’s edition, the Romanian Cluj-Napoca, the Finnish questioner, the Belgian Gand and Louvain, the Dutch Groningen and Leeuward joined in Milan.

A high-level jury of independent experts selected the twelve finalist cities by analysing how they use innovative solutions to respond to societal challenges, how they use these practices in the urban development process and how they involve local communities in decision-making.

The winning city will receive the title of European Innovation Capital 2020 and a million euros to support its innovation activities and improve its ability to bring individuals, public sector, universities and businesses into contact to deliver benefits to society for its communities.

Five cities will be considered second classified and will receive 100,000 euros each.

The European Commission will announce the winner and second place in the European Innovation Capital 2020 competition at the European Research and Innovation Days on 22-24 September 2020.

At the same September event, the Commission will award the European Award for Innovative Women 2020, the EIC Horizon Award for High Technology at affordable prices for humanitarian aid and the Horizon Impact Award 2020.

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