CAI, Consorzi Agrari d’Italia, has chosen Microsoft’s cloud solutions to standardize management and optimize operations of a complex, geographically extended and highly heterogeneous organisation, which includes four consortia (Emilia, Tyrrhenian,

Thanks to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, CAI has been able to make the information systems adopted by the different consortia homogeneous, increase flexibility and customize the tools according to the needs of each sector.

Microsoft’s choice of adopting cloud solutions fits into a solid digitalization path initiated by CAI.

In this context, new generations of farmers and entrepreneurs have played a key role, open to digital and new technologies such as cloud, IoT and artificial intelligence.

In this process, the Agrarian Consortiums of Italy, Reply and Bluarancio, a company of IT services of Coldiretti, found in Microsoft the ideal ally to support them in a highly complex and structured operation. Especially because of the heterogeneity of the more than 25 lines that make up the CAI business, for a total of some tens of thousands of product categories.

The Dynamics 365 platform has been selected because of its scalability, stability and high customization possibilities of its tools.

In fact, the implementation of Microsoft’s ERP was dictated not only by the need for a more robust and flexible environment, but also by the intention to build a technological infrastructure that constitutes a unifying and aggregate element for the consortium components, which could

With Dynamics 365 and its Point of Sale, Finance and Supply Chain Management modules, around 500 CAI employees can now leverage an effective and immediate-use ERP, which has already optimized the management of millions of warehouse and document movements.

This was achieved by making the most of the perfect integration of the Dynamics 365 environment with Microsoft 365’s individual productivity tools already adopted within the organisation and with third-party vertical software applications, both Italian and international.

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