One and a half billion dollars in five years is Microsoft’s largest investment in Italy for 35 years, i.e. since Redmond’s company landed in Milan’s East.

This was underlined by Microsoft’s administrator, Silvia Candiani, along with Microsoft’s European manager, Jean Philippe Courtois, who also announced the opening of the new Italian region for the cloud, with a datacenter, which will be, not by chance

An announcement that it reaches just over a week away from that of Aws, and that it is in the same beehive of support for economic recovery.

Microsoft decides to take this step in the current moment of economic restart, after the conclamation of the pandemic crisis, and baptizes it, precisely, #DigitalRestart.

An action that arouses thanks to the highest institutions of the State. First, the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, who in a brief message grasps the importance of training and support for digital growth in the country.

The President of the Council, Giuseppe Conte, in another message underlines how to invest in a datacenter in Italy is positive, especially now that the country has turned on smart working. And so is the sustainability alliance, to support the national green deal.

Paola Pisano, Minister for Innovation, linked in video conference on Teams, highlights how \ new technologies are our extra card. We must not make it uncritical and we must not depart from the Constitution. Smart working is not a value that can stand by itself, but becomes so when it enters a balanced framework of worker protection, of the company and of the environment.

Pisano recalls how the European digitalization index, Desi, at the end of 2019 gave us little inclination to digitalization. But now it will have to be revised, › because we have made a big step towards innovation. A push that must be governed and not dispersed, inserted in the framework of our country. The challenge is not technological, but social. Helping the elderly and youth, the weak and disadvantaged.

The challenges, including those of security and privacy, for Pisano, are all on the plate. The country is free if it is safe, it is competitive if it accompanies everyone with new technologies.

For Stefano Patuanelli, Minister of Economic Development, we must know how to accompany our businesses, especially micro, who do not have the strength to make the leap into digital. Cloud services closer to business and digital education for production activities. This requires strong action on training.

Microsoft, the cloud is the pillar of recovery

And the answer comes from Candiani, who puts the cloud is as a motor in the center of the shooting

Lupid recalls how with the Ambition Italia project 500 thousand people were formed, or how 88% of customers used Teams for the first time in recent weeks, to testify to a digital transformation in place, which is shored up by virtuous stories

For digitalization and the cloud, therefore, there is a stake of 1.5 billion dollars in five years and that starts from Milan with the implementation of a new region of datacenter.

An investment that according to the Politecnico di Milano will generate a multiplier effect of 9 billion dollars; a green investment: a reduction of 93% of the environmental impact for those who switch to the cloud is calculated, and by 2030 Microsoft will be negative carbon.

The Digital Restart Plan

Microsoft’s Digital Restart plan presented by Candiani consists of five points.

The first is the reduction of the digital gap, forming 1.5 million people over the next three years. Two targets: students and certifications for the IT world, we have 150 thousand vacancies, with reskill. Second, an alliance for smart working. Then come the centres of expertise on artificial intelligence, AI Hub, with prototypes for Made in Italy, and a plan for the PMS, with ecommerce platforms and rm. These three initiatives, together, involve directly partners such as Borsa italiana, Cariplo, Polimi, Confindustira, Poste Italiane, Sace, Unicredit, Vodafone. Fifth point: an alliance for sustainability.

The partnership with Poste Italiane

Matteo Del Fante, CEO of Poste Italiane, noted that with the opening of the Italian region of Microsoft Azure , we will have less latency and more push for the country. We test our partners’ abilities massively, and over the last three years we have accelerated considerably. Our 2022 industrial plan is about transformation into a platform company and the cloud is the engine of this transformation, even with startups, with which we start the forward push projects

The partnership with Microsoft is structured around joint cloud-based services, with the creation of know-how in the centres of excellence in Naples and Rome, and on territorial development.

What cloud services will be offered to the PMI by Poste Italiane and Micosoft?

Del Fante, in agreement with Candiani, responds that \ can not anticipate much, but will be progressively integrated services in the platforms that already the SMEs use, such as payments, financial, logistics, communication \.

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