Microsoft has made available on the Mac App Store its productivity app for planning Microsoft To-Do tasks, clearly in version for macOS.

The compatibility notes published on the Mac App Store indicate a 64-bit processor and macOS 10.13 or newer versions, as requirements for the operation of the application.

In addition to Mac, in the new macOS version, and of course for Windows 10, Microsoft To-Do is also available for iOS, Android and web, using the latest versions of the most common browsers.

As the name clearly suggests, it is an app to manage the things to do, the To-Do, precisely. Microsoft To-Do integrates into the Office 365 productivity platform of Redmond’s company: download itself is free but the app requires a Microsoft account to work and you need to login with your credentials to use the application

Microsoft To-Do presents the My Day screen, My Day, which offers the possibility to make daily task schedule. You can add your own activity lists, which we can access from different devices and which we can share, if we wish, with friends, relatives or colleagues, by sending an invitation link.

The application allows you to set deadlines and reminders for tasks, as well as set them as recurring: we can also add notes and attach files to tasks. Adding ‘subactivity’ also allows you to manage more conveniently than articulated activities, dividing them into several items.

Microsoft To-Do offers various options of themes and colors with which to customize tabs and allows you to synchronize tasks with Outlook.

More information is available on the Microsoft To-Do website, which can be accessed at this link.

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