According to rumors collected and reported by journalist Mary Jo Foley of the ZDNet magazine, Microsoft’s desktop virtualization service called Cloud PC would be very close to launch.

It would be a couple of months, so by the summer.

The same journalist last summer had identified and shared more than one clue that Microsoft was working to build a cloud-based Windows experience, to be provided to users according to the Desktop as a Service model.

Of course, Microsoft has all the technology it needs to build and market a service of this type: from the Azure cloud platform to the already available Windows Virtual Desktop, which allows you to access a virtualized Windows experience and applications from

Among other things, there is already a domain, which requires access by authentication of the user: at the moment the address does not lead to any active site or service, at least not publicly, but it may be a further indication

Another lead always reported by Mary Jo Foley on ZDNet speaks of the hypothesis that Microsoft can offer different usage plans and subscription to the service, differentiated according to the power made available, in terms of CPU, RAM memory and storage availability

But there is no official confirmation that the service is offered by subscription and any plans. As with all the rumors about the Cloud PC: at the moment it is only rumor that circulates, so all the conditionals and due caution are of obligation.

What is certain is that in the public cloud services market, several analysis companies place Microsoft Azure second among the giants in the industry, behind Amazon Aws only.

And that, with the restructuring of last year’s Office offer in Microsoft 365, productivity for Microsoft is increasingly cloud-driven, from family to individual professionals, from small and medium-sized enterprises to larger multinationals.

So, even if it’s all to be confirmed, it wouldn’t surprise Microsoft to launch a Cloud PC service.

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