Microsoft has introduced live transcription functionality at Microsoft Teams meetings, but at the moment this option is only available for English (in the USA).

Microsoft Teams Live transcription does not only transform the spoken word that takes place during a meeting into written text: it also identifies every speaker, it is performed automatically in almost real time and is available both during and after the meeting.

Microsoft has emphasized how to provide a live transcription with high precision, minimal latency and cost efficiency on a business scale has been one of the most difficult challenges of the industry.

Over the last two years, it has made enormous progress in solving this problem and greatly improved accuracy models using the context of the meeting in real time as well as an artificial intelligence in the state of the art. Although the company also notices that the accuracy of live transcription is not 100% guaranteed.

Microsoft Teams live transcription uses the invitation to a meeting, the names of participants, attachments and more to improve accuracy and recognize the specific jargon of the meeting automatically, without any human intervention.

This means that no one in Microsoft ever sees the content of the meeting and the templates are automatically deleted immediately after each meeting. In addition, Microsoft has specified that it does not use or store this data to improve its artificial intelligence.

To get started, the tenant administrator only needs to activate the specific policy and then the meeting organizer or presenter can start the transcription in Microsoft Teams.

In terms of privacy, Microsoft informed, live transcription is similar to recording a meeting. Participants are warned that live transcription is active and have the possibility to hide it from their view with a simple click. If they choose not to be identified, participants may also disable the speaker allocation in their profile settings.

After the meeting, the saved transcription is available for consultation and download in Microsoft Teams for desktop and web.

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