The Coronavirus emergency and the resulting lockdown have highlighted the centrality of new technologies and web collaboration; a major place is undoubtedly going to Microsoft Teams, which can also count on the integration with Microsoft 365.

Managing tasks becomes easier if you need to switch from one place to another to see them all.

The new Activity in Teams app offers a new unified view of Microsoft To, Planner and Outlook tasks and assignments, which allows you to consolidate and prioritise tasks. In addition to a consolidated view of the activities, we have also added a new List view with the possibility to edit multiple tasks at the same time, the Graph API and Power Automate integrations and the publishing features of the tasks to come.

New Power Automate features are also coming: Microsoft is adding new actions and triggers for Power Automate in Teams to allow users to simplify the workflow. Using the new action In addition, you can now use @mentions in streams to make sure that important messages reach the intended recipient.

Microsoft has also added two new triggers to Power Automate. Using the trigger In addition, when a team member is removed from a team, you can start specific actions, for example notify the team owner. To get started, just open the…Flow app in Microsoft Teams and start creating a stream with these two new triggers.

In addition, Microsoft has created a new Web page with a list of Microsoft Teams apps that can help improve collaboration and productivity. From marketing campaign management and the creation of sales proposals to solve problems with automation of responses and the priority setting of activities, these applications will help to keep connected and move forward in a remote and hybrid world.

As part of the effort to simplify the collaboration on Visio diagrams within Teams, The Visio in Teams cards allow team members to quickly access content in a dedicated space within a channel or chat.

New features added also Lavagna in Teams to simplify the fact that the creative process goes on virtually.

Now you can quickly add notes to high notes to a canvas, making it easier to contribute if you use a device without a digital pen. We also added the possibility to move and reorder objects in the drawing area by means of a simple gesture of dragging the selection. Finally, we have improved performance, so the blackboard is now faster than ever. Learn more about these new features and other features in the Guide section of the Blackboard.

Provide users to Azure AD by SAP SuccessFactors: with the integration between Azure AD and SAP SuccessFactors, it is now possible to automate user access to applications and resources so that a new Integration also allows to reduce dependencies from the IT helpdesk for onboarding and offboarding activities.

Request assistance during the distribution of Microsoft 365 in the organization: the fast and efficient distribution of new tools is crucial to maintaining productivity. Microsoft has simplified the process to request assistance from FastTrack for Microsoft 365. FastTrack is an advantage that comes with Microsoft 365 subscription, at no extra cost, for customers with eligible plans of over 150 licenses.

In addition, Microsoft is implementing a new installation experience within the Microsoft 365 administration interface that makes it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to distribute a lightweight basic security criterion for the protection of Windows 10 computers. This new experience will ensure that devices have the appropriate protections, such as encryption of hard drives with BitLocker or blocking of the screen when users move away, and are better protected from unauthorised access and harmful threats such as viruses and malware. This new criterion applies to all Windows 10 devices registered in Microsoft Intune with a Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscription plan.

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