The new Microsoft Start experience is a customized news feed and a collection of information content that provides news from premium publishers and timely updates tailored to the user’s interests.

It is a feature that Microsoft has designed to be available at any time and anywhere.

In fact, Microsoft Start, of which roll out has already started, is accessible in various forms. As an independent website, available on Microsoft Edge and Chrome, on

Then as a mobile app on Android and iOS, from the experience News and interests on the Windows 10 taskbar, from the Widgets experience on Windows 11 and from the new Microsoft Edge tab page.

Microsoft Start Featured Redmond › is based on Microsoft’s experience with online and mobile consumer services such as MSN and Microsoft News. MSN has brought customers news and content online for over 25 years and will remain available, Microsoft stresses.

Microsoft Start introduces new technologies to content experiences, including Microsoft’s latest advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, along with human moderation, to help people stay up to date with information that is customized for their interests.

The feed takes care of the contents, according to the user’s interests, from over a thousand global premium publishing brands. The more user interacts with content, the more refined the feed becomes.

When you see an article or publisher that you appreciate (or do not appreciate), you can immediately indicate it, to further customize the experience. The user can also start the customization process by direct managing his interests.

The feed includes information sheets on topics such as weather, finance, sport and traffic. The user can configure which information sheets are included in his personal experience and focus exclusively on the information he wants.

Microsoft Start is accessible in various ways on the desktop, with Windows 10 and 11. It is also available as a mobile app, both on iOS and Android.

All interests and preferences set in the PC are synchronized on your mobile phone, simply by logging in with your Microsoft account. This allows you to always bring your personalized experience with you.

In addition, the mobile app further connects to the world around us, with location-based services and advanced research, as well as fast access to a range of activities.

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