Microsoft continues to develop its commendable commitment to the dissemination of digital skills.

As part of its Ambition Italia program, American society announced an interesting training session on fundamental technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, App Development, Cloud.

In addition, Cybersecurity, CRM, ERP and insights into how to make the most of new collaborative work modes.

These are just some of the themes at the center of the Skilling Week, a marathon that Microsoft Italy organized from May 10 to 14 together with the ecosystem of partners.

The aim of promoting the dissemination of those digital skills that are required by the labour market.

The initiative follows the first Microsoft Skilling Day of March 31 where projects and training goals of Ambition Italy were presented: to train over 3 million Italians on new digital skills in the next three years.

Microsoft, new professionalism is needed

The new digital normality we are living has created new professions, highlighting the need for new skills at all levels: from the basic ones to continue working in remote scenarios to the most advanced ones to manage new business opportunities related to new technologies and

According to Unioncamere in 2024 1.5 million ICT specialists will be needed while in the next 5 years 2.7 million jobs will require new skills, of which more than 50% will be digital skills. Digital training is therefore the key to reducing a skills gap that is increasingly widening and returning to growth and competitiveness.

In this scenario, the Microsoft Italia Skilling Week is part of the program, a week of workshops and digital meetings where new graduates, new graduates and professionals can access a whole series of content and information on training paths to update and retrain their skills in addition to sessions

Ambition Italia #DigitalRestart for the future of the country

The Skilling Week is part of the Microsoft Ambition Italia #DigitalRestart plan that, in addition to the realization of the first Region data center of Microsoft in Italy and initiatives aimed at companies to promote new digital business models, provides an important The programme has already trained 1 million people and aims to reach 3 million by 2023.

Skilling Week, top-level partner

The event will also see the participation of numerous Microsoft partners such as Aicademy, AI Week, AXL Formation, Edgegiony, Experis, Jobs Academy Foundation, Fondazione Mondo Digitale, IAMCP, IA Explain

Participation in the Skilling Week is free. To access the full program and register simply connect to this LINK

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