Great market manoeuvres for Microsoft: according to Bloomberg, the American company would now be in the right direction with a negotiation for the acquisition of Nuance Communications, particularly active in the fields of voice technology and artificial intelligence.

The well-documented indiscretions collected by Bloomberg, which cites very informed sources, report a price of $56 per share.

So much so would be willing to pay Microsoft for this operation, even if it is necessary to emphasize it , everything could still change until the final signature.

If this figure were confirmed by official news, it would be an estimate of 16 billion dollars for Nuance Communications that made by Microsoft.

A significant premium compared to the market assessment.

Compared to the stock exchange valuation, Bloomberg points out, Microsoft would pay a 23% prize.

Nuance is active in particular on the health front, proposing solutions for patients based on artificial intelligence (for general practitioners, radiologists and hospitals), on that of retail, proposing omnichannel solutions for managing conversations with customers, and always based on artificial intelligence

Historically Nuance is active in the field of voice recognition solutions for the growth of individual productivity.

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