The NextGenerationEU Plan places Italy within a European development process and together with the PNRR offers the country the opportunity to make a leap towards the future. Technology is mature, but we need to make a system to help public and private enterprises embrace this revolution. This is the goal that Microsoft set itself a year ago with the launch of the Italian Ambition #DigitalRestart project, the five-year plan of investments in technologies and skills to accelerate the digital transformation of the country in line with the priorities of the Government

The data center region, central to Microsoft’s Italian cloud development

Digitalization and technologies first, then Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence. Microsoft’s plan is the key point of the first Data Center Region in Italy and access to local cloud services, also thanks to strategic partnerships that are consolidating in recent months, such as those with Poste Italiane and Leonardo, which take on a crucial value within the framework of the

And in line with the centrality of the Artificial Intelligence in the Italian and European agenda, Microsoft has also launched a virtual competence centre, which in a few months has already involved over 20 partners in a fifteen projects, the Microsoft AI Hub,

The importance of artificial intelligence

L’AI can contribute concretely to the growth of the Country: the impact of the.AI in Italy will be equal to 570 billion euros of turnover at 2030. According to the i-Com index, Italy has good potential, 13th out of 27 EU countries, but the risk is not to exploit it fully: according to Bain & Co estimates, only 1.5% of total expenditure is intercepted, so it is essential to make system and Micro

Another key point for recovery is the ecological transition, which in fact goes hand in hand with the digital one. And within the framework of the Ambition Italia #DigitalRestart project there is no lack of focus on sustainability, in line with Microsoft’s global vocation to become carbon negative by 2030 and support innovation to combat climate change through concrete investments in Climate But it is not enough to act independently, for this reason at local level Microsoft has started the Alliance for Sustainability, to promote a sustainable growth of Italy through digital, in collaboration with growITup, the Open Innovation platform created with Car 17 partners are already part of the project and in recent months the Pitch for Impact scaling program has been launched to support the most brilliant ideas and startups that are most worthy of technical and technological resources, such as Azure credits and access to the Git-Hub platform. The opportunity is to develop projects that can draw on €85 billion from the PNRR funds, an unprecedented engine to push the country towards sustainable innovation.

Training and reskilling, Microsoft’s commitment

Another priority for the country’s competitiveness concerns skills and the future of work, an area on which Microsoft has always invested a lot and has done so all the more under the aegis of Ambition Italia #DigitalRestart, developing multiple digital and re training programs To be precise, 1.3 million people have acquired digital skills through Microsoft initiatives and partners over the past year. The goal is to reach 3 million Italians trained in 2023. Working with major Italian companies Microsoft has created the Smartworking Alliance and in general has engaged in training activities over 150,000 SMEs in Italy in the last year, which will be increasingly at the centre of the Microsoft investment plan in the coming months, In the most acute phase of the pandemic Microsoft has teamed up with its ecosystem of over 10,000 Partners in Italy, supporting the spread of smartworking as a strategy of continuity and anti-fragility, and is now working to support the transition to

Best innovation practice for the sustainable future

Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work, Microsoft’s recipe for innovation aimed at sustainable growth lives from this 360 degree commitment and concrete experiences of great Italian companies that together with Microsoft give life to digital transformation projects able to

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