With 145 million active users per day and growing, Microsoft Teams has become the digital place where people start and spend their day working, where they manage their entire workflow.

Over the past 18 months, Microsoft has pointed out, people have relied on Teams to meet, chat, call, collaborate and, increasingly, to automate business processes.

In a sense, Teams has become the new front end for a new world of work.

According to Microsoft, hybrid work requires a new class of apps that integrate richly in all places where people work: within chats, channels and meetings. These apps have the collaboration at their core, and that’s why Microsoft calls them collaborative apps.

The collaborative apps also offer a great opportunity for Microsoft ecosystem partners to connect with 145 million users active daily in Teams and expand their total market.

Microsoft has now announced new experiences integrating Dynamics 365 with Teams at the Inspire 2021 conference, making Dynamics 365 one of Microsoft’s first collaborative apps.

Together, according to Microsoft, Teams and Dynamics 365 offer powerful new ways in which all employees in an organization can exchange and capture ideas seamlessly, right within their usual workflow.

All this, is available for any user of the organization and at no extra cost.

Dynamics 365 users can now invite anyone in the organization to view and collaborate at customer records right within the stream of a chat or a Teams channel, ensuring that the right people can take the best action faster and more efficiently,

For sellers, this could include sharing information such as details on sales opportunity, customer history, customer relationship status, key contacts and more. For the customer service managers, this could mean sharing the customer case record, finding steps to troubleshooting and monitoring follow-up activities.

Dynamics 365 users can now also add a Teams meeting when they make an appointment, allowing access to key customer information during a Teams call.

Users can also capture notes directly with the Teams call, and data is automatically saved in the timeline of Dynamics 365 record. Only users with appropriate permissions can access data, helping to ensure that employees with the correct privileges are viewing, interacting and sharing customer records.

With more employees working on records, it is crucial for interested parties to know when colleagues make key changes when this happens.

Automatic notifications shall keep interested parties alerted about updates. Users can select specific chat and channel through which notifications are sent, as well as the frequency of notifications. In addition, specific adaptive cards can be sent according to the type of notification, enabling more connected workflows.

The new integrated experiences between Teams and Dynamics 365 are just an example of collaborative apps, Microsoft then emphasized.

Redmond’s company at Microsoft Inspire 2021 also announced a series of new and improved collaborative apps from ISV market leader partners, including Atlassian Confluence, SAP C4C, Salesforce, ServiceNow and All these integrations bring structured business processes and data into the context of collaborative work.

And it’s not over. Independent software vendor (ISV) will soon be able to sell their apps directly within Teams, Microsoft emphasized. This option offers new economic opportunities and provides simplified experience to It administrators to purchase apps and subscriptions directly from Teams’ admin center on behalf of their organization.

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