On the occasion of Ignite 2020, Microsoft launches a series of new tools and services to help companies, organizations and professionals face this period of great uncertainty and strengthen resilience, with novelties that affect the whole Microsoft stack.

The key word of Redmond’s company is to push innovation to help companies solve the challenges they face today but also, at the same time, to build what will be possible in the near future.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

With Dynamics 365 Microsoft, cloud services provide a solution to digitize end-to-end business operations so that they can quickly adapt to changing market conditions. Here, Redmond’s company is introducing new features focused on the most critical points for customer satisfaction, especially in today’s climate: Customer Service and Supply Chain Management, with advanced solutions and business-ready, but also quickly scalable

A new voice channel owner for Dynamics 365 Customer Service, based on Azure Communication Services, will be available in private preview. By integrating the voice into existing omnichannel capabilities, Microsoft aims to provide seamless end-to-end customer service experience within a single Microsoft cloud solution, which allows teams to provide consistent support and support to the user.

Two new Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management add-ons are designed to improve visibility and allow customers to respond quickly to changes in supply and demand. New Cloud and Edge Scale Unit add-ons allow organizations to perform critical warehousing and manufacturing workloads on the edge using Azure stack devices to improve resilience and ensure seamless operation even when they are temporarily disk

The new Inventory Visibility add-on allows retailers and large volume manufacturers to easily manage millions of transactions per minute and accurately determine the cross-channel inventory in real time.

The Azure services

Secure and simplified communication with customers and the workforce is crucial in the current hybrid work environments and Azure Communications Services comes in, allowing developers to easily offer enterprise-level communication experiences on different devices, using the same secure platform that feeds

The adoption of the hybrid in the company is accelerating as it has become central to allow remote work, prioritize It investments and access the scale capabilities of cloud computing. It is in this direction that updates go to Azure’s servers, services and cloud devices hybrid-enabled, including Azure Arc and Azure Stack Edge servers and services.

As for Azure AI, Microsoft has updated Azure Cognitive Services with new features designed to simplify business processes and allow organizations to remain resilient and committed to economic recovery by implementing artificial intelligence responsibly. Metrics Advisor Preview is also a new service that simplifies proactive monitoring of the performance of growth engines of an organization and diagnosis of problems.

Space analysis is a new functionality of Computer Vision developed with strict ethical standards and guidelines on how to implement it responsibly: it can be applied to help teams and organizations reopen by creating in-room layouts that support space

Microsoft has also expanded the Azure Mixed Reality service portfolio to now include Azure Object Anchors, which allows developers to automatically detect, align and track objects in the physical world.

Redmond’s company has also announced the commercialisation of its 3D ToF deep technology that feeds Azure Kinect, to enable the development of commercial 3D cameras and solutions related to technology partners around the world, including Analog Devices and SICK AG.

Microsoft then announced the extension of its global cloud to space, with the preview of Azure Orbital, which allows customers to quickly analyze data acquired from space through the physical capabilities of satellites. With access to low latency global fibre networks and the global scale of Microsoft’s cloud services, companies can quickly innovate with large satellite data sets.

News for developers and security

There are many new features announced for Microsoft 365, which we will discuss in more detail in a dedicated article. Among these: new features of Teams and Teams Rooms, insight from Workplace Analytics within Teams, improvements in Power Platform in Teams, new features of Microsoft Endpoint Manager, new

Also, there are announcements on hardware devices: HoloLens 2 will be available in other markets and will start shipments of Surface Hub 2S 85′′, in January 2021

As for developers, Microsoft has announced low code updates in Power Platform and Azure to allow professional developers to quickly create customized apps, bots and workflows with the integration of Azure APIM and GitHub. The Power Automate Desktop preview also comes along, providing a desktop automation option for developers and business users.

Security, compliance and identity continue to be a priority for customers, Microsoft stresses, which shares with its users the latest updates in this area for both Azure and Microsoft 365, including Microsoft Defender’s improvements, Compliance Manager to help

Finally, it highlights Microsoft, there is no doubt that healthcare is one of the sectors that are experiencing a more closely accelerated transformation. Redmond’s company announced that at the end of October it will make its first industry-specific cloud, Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, available at a general level.

The cloud will enable customers and health partners to offer better experiences, insights and care to people around the world. Microsoft is also working to support telemedicine workflows and reduce administrative complexity. With Microsoft Teams’ new EHR connector, now a private preview and available via Epic’s App Orchard, doctors can start virtual patient visits or consulting with Teams providers directly from their electronic medical records system. This simplifies user experience, graphic creation and manageability It. Microsoft focused on Epic first but also said that support for other EHR systems will soon be available.

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