The objective of Microsoft’s training and initiatives platform together with partners, Ambition Italia #DigitalRestart, is to reach 3 million by September 2022.

The number of people reached by the training and professional retraining initiatives has reached 2 million in the Italian #DigitalRestart Ambition plan, Microsoft’s initiative to support the revival and growth of the country through digital. On these 2 million, half of them have been training in the last 7 months, leading the company to anticipate its goal of training 3 million citizens in September 2022.

The figures confirm once again the paradoxical situation that our country is experiencing: on the one hand there is still an unemployment rate among the highest in Europe, especially if we look at young people and women who are at 28% and 51% respectively, on the other it is an important increase in the

Technological innovation, for example, is transforming the way in which entire production chains work: there are 150,000 digital-related work positions that cannot be covered by people with the right tech skills.

From the recent DESIGN index, moreover, despite our country has made progress in terms of digitalization, it remains the third-last in the ranking for the diffusion of digital skills, crucial to accelerate growth and development: only 42% of people between 14 and 74 years possess the digital skills of

The percentage of ICT specialists in Italy is also lower than in the rest of Europe: 3.6% of total employment compared to a European average of 4.3%. In addition, only 15% of Italian companies provide their employees with tech training, five percentage points below European average.

Ambition Italia #DigitalRestart that, in addition to the realization of the first Region data center of Microsoft in Italy and initiatives aimed at companies to promote new digital business models, provides a program dedicated to training with numerous initiatives on the national territory to increase the

Within the framework of Ambition Italia #DigitalRestart, Microsoft Italia relies on the collaboration of the ecosystem of partners for the development of the Academy, that is training and refresher courses for young people who are looking for the first time in the world of work Cloud, Business Application, Artificial Intelligence, Security and Business Application are the most followed themes.

In 2021 165 Academys started with partners spread throughout Italy that saw the involvement of 3,000 people, including students, new graduates, new graduates and professionals.

Over 4,000 people have followed online training to acquire advanced digital skills on Cloud Champion, a free program offered by Microsoft Italy to help companies grow their business through the cloud. In total, over 5000 people have obtained certification on Microsoft programs and applications.

From today, the Microsoft ESG Academy is also added, the first training course that integrates modules for the acquisition of digital skills and concepts related to sustainability, an increasingly crucial theme also in the world of work.

The Microsoft ESG Academy course, starting next year in self learning and webcast mode by ESGacademy partner, will allow companies, students and people looking for jobs to get closer to the world of sustainability and technologies to support

Also on the front of the new applications created with Microsoft development tools, will start in the coming weeks and early 2022 in Bari, Milan, Rome, Padua, Naples and Turin the courses to become Developer in collaboration with Generation Italy, the no- The 14-week course is aimed at young people aged 18 to 29 years and is completely free of charge and will allow to train professional figures who can create websites and web applications in all its components. At the end of the course, all students are guaranteed at least a job interview with partner companies in the project in search of these professionalism.

Microsoft Italia has also announced the launch of new training courses in collaboration with Agic, within the framework of the AiCademy, project of experts in the field of human resources and Information Technology to promote technical and cross-cutting skills with the objective Not only the acquisition of Technical Skills • to deepen Microsoft technologies such as Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform • but also modules dedicated to Role Skills, with specific and In particular, in the coming months, it will be possible to start courses to train junior professionals, with the aim of facilitating them in their entry into the world of work.

Ambition for young people in collaboration with Fondazione Mondo Digitale extends to the cities of Milan and Rovigo and the Basilicata Region.

After a first phase of the training program that involved the Network of Centres of Orientation to the Work (COL) of Rome Capital, the city of Bari with the involvement of Porta Futuro, the job centre of the Municipality of Bari and the city of Palermo, Am

The project, born from the now consolidated collaboration of Microsoft Italy and Fondazione Mondo Digitale, translates into a training path that involves the actors in the territory who are involved in training and delivery of courses on new skills within metropolitan and non-metropolitan contexts. This is a strategic initiative to intercept young people and citizens who most need to integrate skills, deepen or explore unfamiliar professional areas in order to be able to effectively enter the labour market.

The programme is aimed at both the operators of the centres, who receive training on the conscious use of digital tools for guidance, job search and self-promotion of users, even remotely, and end-users, i.e. those seeking employment who can access The courses are divided into different levels of previous skills, with free activities and provided in mixed mode (synchron and asynchronous, in presence and at distance).

Microsoft Italia and Unicredit have confirmed their partnership to support the growth of SMEs by combining digital and financial skills. The pilot phase of Together4Digital is starting in these weeks, a structured plan to support and train businesses, providing them with skills, technology, tools for sustainable, digital and financial growth. The parties propose to support companies in their digital transformation plans with targeted interventions and specific tools at different levels: from the evaluation of digital investment from a financial point of view and support to the proposal of digital solutions calibrated on the needs and characteristics of companies to support their sustainable growth by passing

A bridge between universities and enterprises

Microsoft Italia continues its collaboration with CRUI, Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities and confirms for this academic year, extending its scope, an initiative aimed at helping the meeting of demand and supply between companies looking for digital professionals and students and new graduates The aim of the initiative is to help reduce the skill mismatch, helping companies to find professionals with the necessary skills and students to be competitive in the labour market.

For Francesco Cupertino, Rector of the Polytechnic of Bari and member of the Junta Crui, the country recognizes at this moment the central role of the university system for the restart of the economy and society: Thanks to initiatives like this, we can more easily identify priorities on the basis of which we can guide training and placement activities and be more effective than the development objectives that we share.

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