Microsoft announced its willingness to acquire CyberX, a security startup that focuses specifically on detection, arrest, and predict security breaches on IoT and networks of large industrial organizations.

The terms of the agreement have not been disclosed, but reliable rumors speak of a figure around 165 million dollars.

Michal Braverman-Blumenstyk, CVP, CTO, Cloud and AI Security, and Sam George, CVP, Cloud and AI Azure IoT said in a blog post:

•CyberX will complete the existing Azure IoT security features and extend to existing devices, including those used in industrial IoT, operational technology and infrastructure scenarios. With CyberX, customers can discover their existing IoT resources and manage and improve the security of such devices.

The agreement therefore puts an end to months of speculation inherent in Microsoft’s strong interest in CyberX, and gives continuity to Redmond’s strategy for security of the IoT.

The relations between the two companies began in February, and then intensified in May. It seems that the entire company, including the founders, will join Microsoft following this agreement.

Microsoft’s interest in the company affects two key areas on which the company has worked in the world of recent years: IT services for large companies and IT security, in particular the IoT security that exploits the IA to identify and address the challenges of new

CyberX works with major energy services, telecom operators, chemical manufacturers and other industrial companies that use a large number of IoT devices. CyberX solutions use behavioural analysis and other techniques based on

Microsoft bets a lot on the IoT: it has invested $5 billion in this technology in the last two years to create a large IoT platform based on Azure, as an important part of the development strategy.

Security must be an important milestone of this strategy: there are too many IoT implementations with security gaps, patches that cannot be implemented in poorly built or maintained systems that prove to be real backdoors and vulnerabilities in corporate networks.

Microsoft already had a relationship with CyberX: in fact, the two companies had announced an agreement in March of this year for the integration of the Azure cloud platform of Microsoft into the CyberX ecosystem, so that the CyberX customers who use Azure

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