Microsoft’s DNA is the focus and constant support for the developer community: as far as web is concerned, the recent final release, after a long preview phase, of the new generation of the Edge browser, based on the open source Chro engine

Microsoft’s Edge Developer Tools activity, the web developer browser tools, is constant and intense.

For those who are unfamiliar, let’s say first of all that the development tools of Microsoft Edge, the DevTools, are a set of features integrated directly into the browser that allow you to inspect and make changes to the HT

To open the development tools in Microsoft Edge, just press the F12 or Ctrl + Shift + I button on Windows, or Command + Option + I on Mac.

Microsoft Edge’s team recently announced that they have located DevTools in 10 other languages, which are added to the English language (already existing); these are: Chinese simplified and Chinese traditional, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean

This update was the result, Microsoft informed, of the collaboration between its team and those of DevTools, Lighthouse and Chrome Google. Also, since Chromium is an open source project, the localization features have been shared so that other browsers can benefit from the work done in this area.

To exploit the localization, you need to make sure that the This option is default active in Canary, informs Microsoft, and will soon be default active in Dev, Beta and Stable channels.

Once localization is activated, DevTools will use the browser language. On macOS, development tools acquire language from the operating system.

If you want to go back to English (maybe because with some languages the localization feature still has problems), in the Preferences panel of Edge DevTools Settings (in the Development Tools Panel menu, Settings > Preferences) yes

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