Not only in security: Microsoft has announced the introduction of new and advanced artificial intelligence capabilities in Dynamics 365 applications as well as a new solution to help project-centred organizations transform their operations.

Customers expect customized and consistent experiences at every point of contact, explains Microsoft: many organizations, however, struggle to modernise the customer experience, often due to disconnected systems and data silos that are unable to provide the

Artificial Intelligence in Dynamics 365

Updates for Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, the customer data platform (CDP) will help solve these problems, says Redmond, which adds new data connections,

Customer Insights will uniquely enrich profiles with a combination of proprietary intelligence on brand audience and third-party data sources, such as demographic data and interests, sign-up information, market trends and usage data

Microsoft platform customers can also leverage Microsoft Forms Pro, a simple yet powerful enterprise survey solution, to integrate the valuable input of consumers through channels and enable organizations to act on insights based on changing customer behavior and perception.

All this is integrated to create a 360 degree holistic vision of a customer and to update the profiles and activities of customers in real time, in order to allow organizations to know their audience and improve engagement.

Organizations can get more insights using Azure Synapse Analytics, which combines customer data with business and streaming data to improve the completeness of information, perform analytics processing quickly and create customized templates of

This allows companies to predict customers’ needs through insights and to get insights into the next best action to reduce abandonment and capitalise on revenue opportunities throughout a relationship with the customer.

Organizations can act on these insights in real time on multiple destinations through default APIs to allow onsite marketing, website customization, dynamic marketing campaigns and targeting of the most effective ads.

In addition to the artificial intelligence capabilities expanded on the customer data platform, Microsoft has also extended the functionality that allows sales managers to predict sales more accurately and introduced a new unified engagement center for internal sales representatives

Available now for Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Sales Insights, the new manual and predictive forecasting features allow sales staff and departments to better understand the pipeline, predict results more accurately and gain visibility

Predictive forecasting capabilities enable proactive decision-making, necessary to achieve sales goals. Dynamics 365 achieves this result by extracting patterns from customer relationship management (CRM) data, current and historical leads, winning or lost opportunities, contacts, accounts, customer interactions, such as emails and calls, and Above all, anyone can access the insights without needing to be data scientist or technology experts.

The new engagement center designed to accelerate sales offers each internal vendor a simplified way to quickly evaluate, search and involve new contacts or opportunities. Experience helps sellers to stay in the context of Dynamics 365 and to quickly switch from a lead or opportunity to the next in a work queue with priority enhanced by artificial intelligence, without the need to change visualization to take the best next action.

Microsoft wants to bring the power of artificial intelligence also in the finance department of the company, in the financial processes of the enterprise. As organisations are trying to quickly make decisions, reduce risks and focus on strategic initiatives, it is essential to free the finance sector from repetitive, time consuming and low-value daily activities.

By exploiting the potential of artificial intelligence, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Insights not only allows you to understand and act quickly on the company’s liquidity position, but also to take proactive action to improve it. Low profile activities are automated or removed, the barrier of development or the acquisition of artificial intelligence skills is overcome and insights are made available to advance the business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations

The way people work today has changed, Microsoft points out, as has the way organizations manage their business. Companies in all sectors are innovating business models to support project-centric service offerings.

And while business optimisation has become easier with the rise of mobile and cloud technologies, organizations continue to fight with data management through different systems. These data silos within companies and project-centric teams have a negative impact on the transformation of the business model, on the acquisition of customers, on the loyalty of employees, on the delivery of projects and on the profitability of the company.

It is to solve this type of problems that Microsoft now introduces a new Dynamics 365 application that connects the interfunctional project teams, providing visibility, collaboration and information necessary to guide the success of project-centric organizations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations, which will generally be available from 1 October 2020, offers everything you need to optimize operations along the entire route, from prospect to monetization, all in one application.

Dynamics 365 Project Operations is based on Microsoft’s unified business cloud and takes advantage of Redmond’s long experience in covering both front office and back office, as well as project management, to connect focused teams By applying the power of Microsoft Project together with Dynamics 365, Microsoft intends to develop the next generation of tools that can reinvent the functioning of project-centric organizations.

The new features that are added to Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power platform are coming between April and September 2020, in 2020 wave 1 release.

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