♪ In recent years developers around the world have gathered in Seattle, the true cloud city, to meet, exchange ideas, refine or learn skills, build communities. This year, we will not meet in person, but the spirit of the event will continue with us online.In this year’s event, Frank Shaw, Corporate Vice President Communications, described Microsoft’s first edition of history, game for strength, digital

The answer to Microsoft Build 2020, are always words of Shaw, è stata overwhelming: this will probably be our biggest event ever and not only for Build, but for all the events that Microsoft holds.

Traveling to smart working

Microsoft’s annual developer event opened with Satya Nadella’s keynote, which obviously celebrated the key role of developers and their efforts to support the different realities in this crisis and confirmed the commitment of the

A supercomputer for artificial intelligence

At Build 2020 Microsoft announced that it has developed in collaboration with OpenAI a Azure-based artificial intelligence supercomputer.

The aim of the system is to allow developers, data scientists and business customers to access large artificial intelligence models, training optimization tools and supercomputer resources through Azure AI Services and GitHub.

The supercomputer created for OpenAI consists of a single system with a CPU composed of over 285,000 cores, 10,000 GPUs and a network connectivity of 400GB per second for each GPU server.

Microsoft also announced the availability of Azure Synapse Link, which allows you to combine operational analytics database services in real time, without having to move data or burden your customers’ operating systems. The new solution aims to reduce the costs and time needed to get the insights. Azure Synapse Link is now available in Azure Cosmos DB and will be available in other database services.

Space for robotics process automation low-code

Microsoft has also confirmed its commitment to offer complete and low-code RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technologies in Power Automate and announced the acquisition of Softomotive, a company specialized in the supply of RPA development environments l Softomotive technologies will complete user interface flows to optimize business work.

Vertical Cloud: The first is for health care

The first cloud solution that Microsoft creates specifically for a specific sector was announced at Build 2020. And given the period could only be for health care: Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare relies on features currently available within the company’s cloud offering to meet the needs of the healthcare industry, such as the Bookings in Teams app, available

Teams and group work

New, therefore, also for Teams: simplified experience for developers who create and publish applications for Teams through Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, the possibility for IT managers to validate, approve and pre-install business or business applications.

Update for Fluid Framework, which makes the open source solution for developers and accessible to end users thanks to the availability of Fluid components and Fluid workspaces on Office.com and Outlook on the Web.

Machine learning responsible

Microsoft announced at Build 2020 the arrival of new tools for Responsible ML in Azure Machine Learning and OSS tools to implement artificial intelligence models in a more responsible way, improving the interpretability of

To help developers constantly innovate their experience on over 1 billion Windows 10 devices active per month, Microsoft has presented Project Reunion, which unifies the Windows platform and separates it from the operating system, simplifying the developers

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