Microsoft Authenticator is the app that allows you to protect online accounts via disposable codes to be used for verification in two steps: Microsoft has now announced the public preview of the function of managing passwords and autofill that enriches the application

For all sites visited or apps performed on your mobile device, Authenticator will therefore also have password manager capabilities and help users to automatically enter passwords without having to remember them.

These passwords can be synchronized on mobile devices and desktops, so that you can automatically and seamlessly fill them while moving between devices during your daily digital activity.

This feature is currently only available for Microsoft (MSA) accounts and not for Azure AD-based work or school accounts.

Once you select Microsoft Authenticator as an autofill provider, the app will propose to save passwords when the user places them on a site or login page of an application. User passwords are protected on your mobile with multi-factor authentication and are synchronized using Microsoft account (,, and so on), so they are made available

While Microsoft points out, passwordless and multi-factor authentication is the way to go for security, many sites still require passwords and some do not even support multi-factor authentication And that’s where Authenticator can come in handy, making it no longer necessary to remember passwords, as the app can automatically fill in complex and unique passwords for us.

The password management and autofill experience is available on both iOS and Android, in beta version: it is currently rolling out but is disabled for enterprise users.

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