Microsoft and Reale Group have signed a collaboration agreement for the digital transformation of Italian SMEs, based on a common framework.

In the intentions of the two companies, a digital ecosystem open to collaboration between various partners will have to contribute to the common factor of services and skills to promote the competitiveness and sustainability of the territory, starting from Made in Italy.

Microsoft and Reale Group have signed a protocol of understanding to create an ecosystem of services open to partner collaboration to accelerate the digital transformation of the Country with the SMEs.

Bringing in dowry the respective know-how in the field of technology and financial-insurance, the two players intend to put to common factor expertise, technologies and services useful to accompany the small and medium-sized Italian realities in their own path of digitization.

In the coming months Microsoft and Reale Group will jointly design the overall framework within which they will gradually be developed and made available to the Italian PMs service packages, which will benefit from common technical resources and joint efforts of R&D and innovation.

The offer will be customized according to the industrial sector and the supply chains in which the SMEs operate and, for some sectors of reference, it can be supported by dedicated digital platforms, covering key business issues, from productivity to access to IoT tools, from prevention

Microsoft will create synergies with the training activities foreseen in the five-year plan of investments in technologies and skills Ambition Italia #DigitalRestart, based on training and reskilling initiatives aimed at the SMEs and on the Alliance for Sustainability to promote a

Reale Group will integrate the innovative design and core assets of the group, in order to promote new business models that can generate and enhance the sustainability theme and accelerate the digital transition of SMEs through a new digital ecosystem open to partner collaboration.

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