In 2019 Microsoft and Pivotal (which is now part of Vmware) announced Azure Spring Cloud, a fully managed service for microservices that allows you to quickly deploy, operate and scale Spring Boot and Spring Cloud applications into a

The goal of the two companies was to solve many of the common challenges that enterprise developers face when running Spring Boot applications on a scale.

The Featured Microsoft Featured Management is dynamic scaling, security patches, out-of-the-box monitoring instrumentation and more, so developers can focus on their applications.

Since then, Microsoft has worked with many customers including Kroger, Swiss Re, Raley Plus and Digital Realty to help them adopt the service. And Redmond’s company also learned that some customers need something more.

Many customers run thousands of Spring Boot on-premise applications and need advanced features to accelerate their Spring modernization projects. Based on what you learn, Microsoft has started working on a new Azure Spring Cloud tier with commercially supported components to meet the needs of enterprise customers.

And now she announced the availability of Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise, previewed.

Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise, said Microsoft, is a service managed for Spring that is optimized for the needs of enterprise developers.

Redmond’s company has collaborated with VMware to combine Microsoft’s cloud platform expertise with the innovation of the Tanzu VMware portfolio.

Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise adds Tanzu commercial components specially designed to meet the needs of companies in terms of configuration, integration, flexibility and support.

With Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise, Microsoft said, customers can use Tanzu VMware components that they know and appreciate about Azure infrastructure managed.

Tanzu Build Service, Tanzu Application Configuration Service and Tanzu Service Registry are available during the preview phase. Customers will have the flexibility to select which Tanzu components they want during or after the creation of the instance.

Microsoft and VMware will continue to add other Tanzu components, such as Tanzu Spring Cloud Gateway and Spring Cloud Data Flow, to the service, providing added value to customers.

Large companies often have complex workflows and need additional configuration options for their environments and development processes. Tanzu Build Service supports customizable Buildpack configurations that automate container creation and governance.

Developers also receive all the advantages of the Azure platform with unlimited scalability and global distribution options, as well as integration with Azure services. And customers can move their existing Spring workloads built on Tanzu components to Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise, using the service to provide a Spring Cloud infrastructure on-demand.

Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise includes VMware Spring Runtime support for Spring projects. This gives access to Spring experts and special versions of the most popular Spring projects specifically designed for corporate use, to unlock the full potential of the Spring ecosystem and boost the development of Spring applications.

In addition, Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise works on Azure in a fully managed environment. You get all the advantages of Azure, and the experience is familiar and intuitive. Just create your own instances using a provisioning tool of your choice: Azure Portal, Azure CLI, Azure Resource Manager Template or Terraform.

After creating your own instance and distributing your own applications, you can easily monitor with Application Insights or other application performance management (APM) tools that the customer chooses to use. As with the standard level, Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise comes with out-of-the-box support for logging aggregation, metrics, distributed app tracks and alerts.

In summary, Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise provides customers with advanced configuration features and managed Tanzu components, all supported by VMware and Microsoft.

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