While the complex operation of the implementation of the default end-to-end encryption is underway, Meta shared on the official blog an update on the approach that has taken the company to help keep people safe when using private messaging in Messenger

In summary, Meta is working first to prevent abuse, giving people more controls to help them stay safe and respond to reports of potential damage.

A few months ago, Meta had pre-announced that the default end-to-end encryption for Messenger and Instagram Direct would arrive by this year. The company’s latest statements lead to the assumption that this functionality will be implemented later in 2023.

This would be due, at least in part, to concerns about the safety of people.

Meta has expressed the will that people have a reliable private space that is safe and secure, and that’s why you are taking time to build and implement end-to-end encryption (E2EE, end-to-end encrypt)

L.E.2EE is designed to protect private messages and sensitive information of people so that only the sender and the recipient can access them.

However, Meta pointed out, there is also a small minority of users using private messages to do huge damage.

Meta feels that it has the responsibility to keep its users safe, and this also means helping to protect people from abuse, without weakening the privacy protections that are introduced with encryption.

According to Meta, people should trust their privacy and at the same time feel in control to avoid unwanted interactions and respond to abuse.

Meta’s goal is to provide secure private messaging apps, where privacy and security go hand in hand.

First point: preventing abuse

Preventing abuse is • according to Meta • the best way to keep people safe.

In an end-to-end encrypted environment, Meta will use artificial intelligence to proactively detect accounts that show malicious behavior patterns, instead of scanning users’ private messages.

Meta’s machine learning technology will examine unencrypted parts of the company’s platforms

Meta gives this example: if an adult repeatedly sets new profiles and tries to connect with minors who do not know or send a large number of messages to strangers, the company can intervene to take measures, such as preventing them from interacting with minors.

You can also set minors to private accounts or Meta started doing it on Instagram and Facebook.

Meta is also trying to educate and inform young people with in-app advice on how to avoid unwanted interactions. These safety tips are developed using machine learning to help people avoid scams, identify impersonifications and, above all, report suspicious adults trying to connect to minors.

Only in the last month, Meta emphasized, more than 100 million people have seen the banners of safety warning on Messenger. And this mechanism will work with end-to-end encryption.

How Meta responds to potential damage

In addition to these features designed to prevent damage, Meta is working to give users more control over their inbox according to the needs and experience they want. Some people may want a greater reach, while others prefer to stay in narrow circles.

Meta has already introduced several functions that go in this direction. The company is now introducing the possibility of blocking unwanted contacts seamlessly in Instagram DM and Messenger.

It is also making it easy to block contacts of strangers, a function that is enabled by default for any identified user as a minor potential.

The third point concerns the reports, which Meta considers an essential tool for both people, to stay safe and for the company, because it helps to respond to abuses effectively.

In this direction, Meta is making it much easier to report harmful and malicious events, and is informing people about how to identify scammers and imitators by redesigning the reporting function so that it has a greater prominence in Messenger.

Recently the company has also made it easier to report content that violates the policies of child exploitation.

The goal of Meta is to significantly encourage more reports, making them more accessible, especially among young people.

As a result, the company is recording almost 50% growth year-on-year in reporting. And, as a result, he’s taking steps to keep the DMs of Messenger and Instagram safe.

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