The interview with Alberto Diari, by Mega.

One year after the launch of the recovery plan at European level, which led to the PNRR in Italy, 01net carries out an investigation, based on a series of interviews with the main companies operating in Italy in the ICT on their strategy for digitalisation of the

We talk with them about four key themes of digital transformation: resilience, cybersecurity, cloud, environmental and social sustainability and the answers allow you to build the ICT reality participation map for the country’s growth in the digital sense.

And there is one more theme, the fifth: in a spirit of consultation, we ask that Italian entrepreneurs be given an extra idea, capable of producing immediate value in terms of efficiency and competitiveness.

For Mega, the Managing Director Italy and Southern Europe, Alberto Diari, responded.

A year after the Recovery Plan, where are we with the real transformation of the country: with what solutions, skills and services do you participate in the missions of the PNRR involving digital?

Companies, after two years of playing in defense, have started planning specific and expansionary projects. We expect 2022 to be the year of launching several initiatives within the PNRR Mission 1.

MEGA supports digital transformation with its HOPEX software solution, providing business stakeholders with a 360° view of their operations, IT and risks.

2021 was the year in which the theme of cybersecurity landed in all businesses. What concrete prospects did you give for 2022?

The pandemic we are and have lived has certainly been a trigger for the exponential increase in work remotely. Companies have had the pressing need to remain interconnected. Most data flows are now exchanged online. Cloud migration, another trend we are seeing more and more in 2021 and certainly in 2022, is yet another demonstration of a transformation of work and of the process with the customer. These virtual data exchanges are not without risks, but all of them involve an increase in security risks: according to Gartner, in 2021 we saw an increase in the risks related to ransomware attacks of 78%.

Remote work, the use of cloud assets and the shadow IT from unprotected or unprotected devices have certainly expanded the possibilities of attacking cyber criminals. The increased economic impacts have led to the increased risk of cybersecurity being taken care of by most stakeholders and especially investors. Furthermore, security has become a key factor in assessing the companies involved in the commercial processes and in the supply chain.

Companies therefore increasingly need to have a cybersecurity strategy. Our solution is able to identify and manage security risks and analyze the 360° impact to ensure business continuity and plan the adjustment.

The implementation of our software solution ensures that business operations are aligned with strategy and allows stakeholders to have a complete view of the organisation, processes, IT and data of the company, ensuring the resilience of the business and the protection of business data.

The key component of digital transformation is the cloud. What are the choices that Italian companies will have to make in 2022?

As mentioned above, cloud migration is part of the technological innovation linked to business digitisation. In the last year and a half due to the crisis linked to the COVID-19 and remote work as a new normal we have seen an acceleration of the shift from the “on-premises” to the cloud. Therefore, migration to the cloud will become inevitable for both large and small companies, being able to create different advantages related to ease of access, sustainability and especially to collaboration between functions.

MEGA is involved in developing a computer strategy, moving software into the cloud is not just a matter of re-hosting but mainly there is a need to have an understanding of all dependencies.

Another aspect of innovation is the proliferation of applications, technologies and assets that the company is managing. The rationalisation and evolution of the IT portfolio is a fundamental aspect so that the IT strategy is aligned with the needs of the business. MEGA HOPEX allows its customers to implement a strategy of development and rationalisation that takes into account not only business objectives but also security and compliance requirements.

After the Cop26 it was understood that sustainability, both environmental and social, now affects not only all countries but also all companies. What is your strategy on these issues?

In MEGA we take the issue of sustainability and corporate social responsibility very seriously.

In recent years, MEGA has taken important steps in terms of environmental impact; it has promoted Green IT to better address digital pollution, creating awareness of ecological behaviour as part of our corporate culture to cultivate a working environment

Green IT refers to a continuous improvement approach that aims to reduce the environmental impacts of an information system. All this, integrated with a sustainable design methodology: to reduce environmental impacts directly from the design phase of a digital service through a global vision of the entire life cycle.

Locally, as part of our project • Green MEGA • we decided to promote the work remotely by giving up having an exclusive office and preferring instead a working environment shared with other companies.

ICT idea of 2022

If you were to offer a single investment (product, solution, methodology) to an Italian company, a choice that could produce an immediate benefit in terms of efficiency and competitiveness, what would your advice be about?

HOPEX Integrated Risk Management, as a solution, solves the problems of risk management, compliance and internal control in a single solution by pooling the activities of different control functions that are now realized in silos, therefore with different methodologies and products. An integrated approach that guarantees a culture of risk at all levels of the company and a collaborative environment.

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