He should have stayed at Fiere di Parma, from 29 to 31 October: for MECSPE these are not the hours to complete an installation already started, but of count of the damage caused by the sudden change of direction of the new Dpcm of 24 October (public 9 prohibits the organisation of any kind of fairs.

MECSPE, national and international reference point of technologies for innovation and industry 4.0 in the manufacturing sector, was confirmed by the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of the previous week and had already started the activities to install about 60,000 square meters of exhibition area

• It is a hard blow, both for the Fair and for companies in the sector that appreciate from 19 editions MECSPE finding new technologies, solutions for all production and continuous training, as well as a unique time to make The new DCCM contradicted the previous one without taking into account the planning times of a professional event like MECSPE which is, and remains, for the field of specialized mechanics a three-day work indispensable to plan the recovery. The mechanical sector has an impact on the value added of the whole economy, 6.1% on employment and if we think that only in Emilia Romagna, the region where the event takes place, the mechanical sector is 56.5% of exports, we understand However, we have not been expected to compare with Confindustria or AEFI. A trade fair that has a professional impact on almost 90 000 workers among entrepreneurs, skilled workers, technicians, engineers and that drives a strategic sector for the recovery of the country, cannot and must not be put in the same way as a country festival, without taking away anything from these events We hope to be summoned by the Minister of Economy and Finance Roberto Gualtieri to assess the extent of the damage and we would like to thank all the companies, sectoral and territorial associations that have decided to be part of MECSPE, apologizing enormously for the inconvenience

The numbers of MECSPE PARMA 2020

60,000 sqm of exhibition area, over 1,350 companies present, 2,000 sqm of Gamification: The factory without limits, 12 thematic halls and 77 special initiatives.

Starting from 2021 MECSPE will continue its international development by moving to the BolognaFiere exhibition district.

MECSPE’s halls

Machines and Tools • Machine tools, Equipment, Tools and Design Software.

Digital Factory • Industrial Information Technology, IoT, Industrial Sensor, Cloud-manufacturing, Automatic Identification Technologies, Applications, Devices, Instruments and Intelligent Components for the Interpretation and Interconnection of Processes.

Logistics • Packaging, Packaging, Handling, Material handling, Lean manufacturing, Warehouse Management Software, Supply chain management, Security Systems, DPI, Tertiarization.

Sub-Supply Mechanics • Precision mechanical machining, Metal carpentry, Mechanical Construction, Fasteners, Foundry, Minuteries, Metal wire machining, Industrial processing on a fee or contract basis, Microworking.

Sub-supply Electronics • Cem (contract electronics manufacturer), Cabbage, Ems (electronics manufacturing service), Pcb (printed circuit manufacturers), Engineering and Design Studies.

Eurostamps, Plastic, Rubber and Composite Sub-contracting Machines • Plastic, Rubber and Composite Processing, Machines and Systems, Auxiliary Equipment, Innovative Materials, Molding, Extrusion, Packaging, Blowing, Molds, Models,

Additional Production • 3D Printing, Fast Prototyping, Rapid Manufacturing, Reverse Engineering Systems and Services, Additional Technology, Materials, Services, Hardware: 3D printers and scanners, accessories, Simulation Software and

Treatments and Finishes • Surface treatment plants, Furnaces, Galvanics, Chemical and Electronic Processes, Washing, Metallization, Detachment, Zincing, Products and Accessories for Treatments, Thermal Treatments,

Non-ferrous materials and alloys • Processing of non-ferrous materials (Aluminium, Titanium, Magnesium, Light Alloys), Presses, Foundry, Industrial processing, Third-party processing, Technologies, Design, Engineering.

Automation and robotics • Automation and Robotics, Assembly, Assembly and manipulation.

Metrology and quality control • Certification and quality control, Metrology, Measuring instruments, Laboratory testing, Calibration, Analysis equipment, Vision.

Transmissions of hydraulic and mechanical power • Mechanical transmission, hydraulics, pneumatics, mechatronics, motion control, maintenance, compressed air.

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