For the third quarter of 2019, Istat assigns to Tuscan manufacturing an 18% increase in exports and according to Unioncamere’s annual data based on Movimprese, Tuscany is at eighth place in Italy for new registration rates at the Chambers of Commerce

The estimates are in line with the latest national data of the Observatory Mecspe, presented in Florence at the first stage of 2020 of the…Mecspe Laboratories, the Italian route to the intelligent factory… the appointments, promoted by Senaf, that from

The initiative, organized in collaboration with the Centro di Skills Artes 4.0 (Industry 4.0 Competence Center on Advanced Robotics enabling digital Technologies and Systems) and under the patronage of Confindustria Firenze and DI

According to Paolo Dario, Scientific Director of Ates 4.0 • The Italian route to the intelligent factory should be characterized by two priority lines: first of all the growth of skills and the enabling 4.0 technologies, and secondly sustainability We must become, or continue to be, leader in manufacturing and services with a total connection 4.0, but immediately also looking at the emerging theme of the company 5.0, for example, a strong attention to the craftsmanship taste of our manufacture. At the same time, we must characterize ourselves and give value to the ability that distinguishes us to integrate the manufacturing of know-how with the ability to think and know how to look far and give value to the great trends. The factory of the future must be capable of producing value for the community.

Observatory Mecspe, data

According to the latest data of the Observatory Mecspe digital transformation process in Italy is well advanced; almost 6 out of 10 entrepreneurs recognize it indicating how much or enough developed the company growth achieved so far in this perspective. Looking in detail at the innovative technologies and processes already in use in the company, the first place is computer security, on which 75% has invested most, followed by cloud computing (37%), simulation (31%), additive production (23%) and Internet of Th On the contrary, while it is innovative, on the other hand some critical issues remain that continue to condition the business performance. From court time in case of dispute, identified as a brake of 36% of respondents, along with bureaucracy (29%) and fiscal aspects (15%). The innovation process in the company is made this way thanks, above all, to investments in research and development ( 53% of SMEs have allocated, in the first 6 months of 2019, up to 10% of their turnover in R&D, with 19% that has pushed up to 20%) and to 52% said they had achieved greater efficiency and production speed, 44% felt improved market competitiveness as a result of a path in this direction; while cost rationalisation and improved product quality, resulting in a reduction in waste, had a significant In comparison with others, 24% admires the courage of start-ups and 17% their visionary spirit and the way they approach the market.

On the export side, 27% of entrepreneurs declare that they are abroad carrying out up to 10% of their turnover, The geographical areas most affected are dominated by Europe (European Union), indicated by 8 SMEs out of 10. 38% also look to non-EU Europe, North America (23%), Asia (17%), Russia (14%), while the Middle East (13%), Latin America (13%), Africa (10%) and Oceania (4%) represent other port markets. A positive trend also confirmed by the order book, considered \\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \

Target: sustainability and training

Awareness of the primary role of sustainability is an increasingly important issue for business. If 27% has not yet made any changes but plans to do so in the future, 40% admit that over the past few years, their commitment to the subject has grown ever more. From investments: 72% paid attention to the consumption reduction aspects and 64% concentrated on factors related to pollution and environmental impact. In addition, consideration is also high towards direct employee involvement. 44% of companies have allocated resources to training, assistance and social responsibility projects.

Training is the best way to fully reap the opportunities offered by the industrial revolution, with 76% of entrepreneurs aware that this is the main way to attract young people to the company, and 80% who generally consider the person’s role as the primary driver for the success of the production plant. The staff research agencies, together with the universities, are the most important reference for the search for new professionalism that meet the challenges of Industry 4.0, chosen respectively by 53% and 47% of companies. The technical institutes (39%) are followed, but also web and social, in particular LinkedIn, which is now increasingly considered for specialized recruitment: 24%, in fact, are needed, with a percentage aligned with that of consulting companies. The Entrepreneur/Top Manager is recognized as the most suitable figure to evaluate digital skills and 4.0 in the company, indicated by 40% compared to the Innovation Manager and Project Manager I4.0 (28%); while the main tools to bring

For Maruska Saturday, Project Manager MECSPE Hence, the decision to contribute to its valorization is choosing the region as the starting point of the new roadshow of the Mecspe Laboratories, and above all through the discussion of the topics of great topicality and importance for the enterprises that the Mecspe Observatory manages to And, precisely through dialogue with the excellence of the territory and opinion leaders, the path towards digitalization and innovation can be tackled without limits.

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