According to Michele Centemero, Country Manager Italia of Mastercard, during the last two years, the pandemic and the consequent limitations are complicit, Italians have adapted their habits rediscovering once again the great role of technology. Digital has thus become a key element of new normal, reinventing in a virtual key their way of life, working, interacting and consuming.

Similarly, the digital shift has enabled small and large traders, restaurateurs and entrepreneurs to implement online sales strategies, starting new ways of dealing with customers that have gone far beyond the physical channel alone. 70% of online purchases have relied on innovative e-commerce platforms and apps, sales channels that ensure a high customization of the digital purchasing experience.

Despite what we are experiencing is a constantly evolving context, we estimate that as many as 20-30% of traditional businesses, based on face-to-face interaction, will soon go digital, confirming how this trend will become a constant in the coming years.

As new technologies feed the emergence of new economies and innovative payment services, proliferation will be promoted • if not even fragmentation of payment solutions that traders and retailers will have to manage. Therefore, with the aim of ensuring greater choice and flexibility that customers today need › we are working to offer a wider range of payment solutions that are simple to use and high accessibility

Over the last few years, Mastercard has developed and acquired crucial tools and skills to support and promote digital evolution that is increasingly taking place in Europe. By using the payment platforms currently in use, we will be able to provide customers with an unparalleled offer to support the payment needs of companies, government institutions and consumers through a wide range of payment flows. All economies will benefit from this, thanks to faster movements of money, while banking institutions will be able to offer businesses and consumers apps and services, simple but above all safe.

Mastercard therefore constantly strives to enhance its expertise globally, as well as to be an ideal partner able to provide a single infrastructure to support all types of payment and process any information, regardless of whether it is done via card This means that Mastercard will switch from a payment network to a network of convergent transactions, offering the highest choice of payment instruments and maximizing analysis, information and IT services with the aim of improving each transaction regardless of the channel used, but more

A strategy, that of Mastercard, that is articulated on three complementary levels: the modernization of the payment infrastructure and the certification of new applications, also thanks to recent acquisitions like Nets Corporate Services and VocaLink; the exploitation of the potential of the open banking to offer

In this context, Mastercard has created a comprehensive payment network over the last 50 years that processes over 1 billion transactions per day in a simple, fast and secure way, for 2.5 billion card holders located in 210 countries and territories. This clearly shows that the Mastercard multi-rail strategy is an ambitious goal to promote, from the payment world onwards, a digital economy that everyone can fully benefit from.

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