Can the use of artificial intelligence optimise marketing strategies? According to a recent survey conducted by Quantcast in collaboration with Forbes Insights, the answer is yes. And the effects that are obtained are an increase in sales and the growth of customer retention.

These are the most obvious positive impacts that marketers have on the company’s balance sheet after investing in artificial intelligence. It should be noted that the survey was conducted last May on over 500 top-level marketing managers on a global basis: mainly CMO (20%), marketing managers (16%), digital managers (10%) and CDO (8%) in various sectors including media and entertainment (1

Depending on the results obtained from the survey, Quantcast and Forbes Insights have developed the Score for the maturity of the 21st century brands. It is a tool to understand the characteristics and qualities of mature brands at the digital level, which has allowed the interviewees to be classified as… Leader and Delayatari.

Not only that. It also showed that in 2018 the first ones increased their turnover by 15%, while the second ones only increased by 7%. In addition to these data, Quantcast, owner of the largest AI-driven platform on the behaviour of the audience in the open internet, collected in the report

The main effects on business

Among the main results there is a greater impact on the business thanks to the use of artificial intelligence in marketing activities ( 52% of respondents recorded an increase in sales, 51% found an increase in customer retention), brands plan to adopt solutions of

♪ Looking beyond the enthusiasm that surrounds today the artificial intelligence and machine learning ♪ says Ilaria Zampori, General Manager of Quantcast Italia ♪ discover brands that are really getting real and positive results Changes in consumer behaviour and preferences take place too quickly and it is difficult to keep up with them. Machines can help you accurately identify patterns in your preferences and automatically adapt targeting and activation of the campaign.

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