From 4 May, Phase 2 started and according to the DPCM of 26 April, many artisan and SME companies resumed their production activities, in a re-starting which involved 4.4 million workers, of which more than 60% are active in the manufacturing sector, in which

Also at work for the event rescheduled at Fiere di Parma, from 29 to 31 October 2020, the event takes note of the developments and the complexity of this unprecedented period, keeping intact its commitment to the support of SMEs and the industrial fabric of the country.

A heritage of resources that must be supported by a collaboration between the actors of the entire chain, in a new common vision for the redesign of an Italian industrial strategy, which MECSPE puts in place starting from its historical partnership with Confartigianato Meccanica.

Paolo Rolandi, President of the National Federation of Mechanical Confartigianato in a note stated that the fair instrument, intended as the physical presence of the visitor and the exhibitor, is of vital importance for our companies, and never as now, for the world that The desire to meet our customers and potentials again, to confront ourselves with our competitors and the desire to show the world our realities, our potential, our ability to adapt to what can only be a new way of doing business, is strong and evident Confartigianato Imprese will continue to be at the side of the entrepreneurs who intend to join initiatives like MECSPE, offering logistic support, economic and system, but the world \\’camerale \\’ and the institutions in charge must understand

Answer Maruska Saturday, MECSPE Project Manager said that …Mecspe c… is. It is also at this time complex, unexpected, always at the side of its exhibitors. We have arrived at the nineteenth edition of the event that this year will see Italy in a way of relaunching, eager to show the whole world its resilience and once again of excellence.

MECSPE, relaunch mode

in this context MECSPE, in addition to strengthening its digital tools during the accompanying period until the event, confirms the already announced main initiative .Gamification: the Factory without limits… 2,000 square meters of demonstration,

But it goes further, with the decision to enrich the program of event, organizing a series of special initiatives among the 12 synergistic sectoral halls that make it up, designed to help entrepreneurs and to facilitate their presence at the fair.

Starting with the Smartworking Square, an area where visitors can explore the hardware and software solutions that they can adopt, not only in offices, but also in factories.

Space for technological innovation with the Piazza delle Start-up, to put at the centre and support startups, the Mechanical Bar, area for companies participating in exposing reduced volume products, and the Smart Manufacturing Village, where Design will be the protagonist of a showcase and demonstration square.

A new exhibition formula is also born, the Temporary stand: a new solution that will allow exhibitors not to give up physical presence but to limit it to one day, at their choice, on the three planned.

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