Konica Minolta aims to use technology to optimize internal processes and improve the experience of employees, in a way that is constantly evolving: the management of the note expenses is also part of this paradigm, so that it is not an obsolete process, but rather an obsolete process

The typical process of managing the note costs uses the paper format to record, justify and supervise the expenses. It can often become a problem, however, for both the people who create the expense note and those who manage it.

Konica Minolta offers a complete solution, simple to use, safe and automated. The service provides for the digitisation of the entire process: from the creation of the expense note, to its approval, accounting and archiving.

The solution is based on the Captioo platform of Emburse, a world leader in the management of the expense note.

With this exclusive tool, it is possible to integrate automatically with Erp systems, bank reconciliation with credit card managers and digital storage as a replacement in accordance with the provisions of the Revenue Agency.

The management of Konica Minolta’s expense note takes place in four phases.

For the creation, it is sufficient that the employee takes a photo of the receipt every time he makes an expense; the app automatically reads the information on the receipt and sends it to the cloud.

For approval, the supervisor receives notes digitally in a single system with simple and secure access, where the abnormal cases to be checked are already marked with a alert.

For accounting, the information on expenses is automatically entered into any accounting system, so that the reimbursement can be made.

For archiving, it is no longer necessary to keep receipt receipts, as everything is available and can be consulted digitally. The system is integrated with digital storage replacement according to law. At any time it is easy to retrieve the information and the supporting documents you want.

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